Missing piece of eCommerce success

Missing piece of eCommerce success

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Most businesses get a little too confident with their customer loyalty when they have a readily available market and a product that borderlines a necessity. But here’s the thing, a recent study says that 74% of the customers make purchase decisions solely based on their experience with a brand.

Let’s take the case of a mattress. We all need it, and most of us refrain from experimenting with our sleep. Casper mattresses, a ship-to-your-home mattress company, knew how to make a lasting impression. The company created a free chatbot, Insomnobot, just for insomniacs. The bot kept the insomniacs engaged late in the night and gave way to interesting conversations from the cosmos to remedies for greying hair. 

By finding a friend in the bot on sleepless nights, people formed a deeper bond with the brand. When you elevate the experience associated with the customer lifecycle, a small change goes a long way. In an ever-evolving market, how can businesses in general and e-commerce, in particular, improve their customer experiences?

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