Modern Treasury Unveils Global ACH Payment Tool

Modern Treasury Unveils Global ACH Payment Tool

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  • Modern Payments and Silicon Valley Bank partnered to launch a cross-border money movement tool called Global ACH.
  • Global ACH leverages local payment rails to enable mutual clients to send cross-border payments.
  • Global ACH differs from SWIFT in that it is less expensive and works better for fast, one-off transactions.

Payment operations platform Modern Treasury has teamed up with Silicon Valley Bank to create a new cross-border payments solution. Global ACH, the new tool, will allow mutual clients to send cross-border payments via local payment rails.

The goal of Global ACH is to provide users an option other than the SWIFT network to send payments internationally. Global ACH enables customers to automate international payments using the local payment rails– equivalent to ACH and RTP– in each country. Leveraging local rails promotes efficiency and helps to lower the costs associated with cross-border payments.

“Payments are in the midst of a massive transformation, and it’s critical that we support our customers with an international footprint in the same way we support them domestically,” said Modern Treasury CEO and Co-founder Dimitri Dadiomov. “Global ACH means providing customers with more choice, greater efficiency, and lower costs. We’re happy to work with Silicon Valley Bank to bring this capability to our mutual clients to help them scale.”

Potential use cases for Global ACH include:

  • Marketplaces that pay out users and suppliers in international markets
  • Shipping and logistics firms that disburse funds to vendors and suppliers abroad
  • Financial services such as payroll and lenders sending funds to international recipients
  • Companies that need to pay large numbers of international suppliers and contractors
  • Software providers offering accounts payable services for clients paying out globally or facilitating remittances

Today’s partnership builds on an existing relationship between Modern Treasury and Silicon Valley Bank. The two currently offer international payment capabilities using the SWIFT network. SWIFT differs from Global ACH in that it works well for fast, one-off international payments. SWIFT is also more expensive than Global ACH. This is why the two anticipate Global ACH to be more popular for companies with recurring international payments and smaller value payouts.

“We are always looking to enhance the payments experience for our fast-growing and innovative clients, many of whom have, or plan to have, an international presence,” said Silicon Valley Bank Head of Payments Kathleen Pierce-Gilmore. “By bringing together the power of SVB’s Global ACH capabilities and the strength of Modern Treasury’s platform, we will enable more of our mutual clients to move money faster, with real-time data visibility and more efficient workflows.”

Founded in 2018, Modern Payments offers APIs to automate money movement while providing control over fund flows with approval workflows, notifications, reporting, and more. The company has raised $183 million and is headquartered in California.

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