New Jersey Woos Studios With Voter Rights And Cash

In the movie biz, it’s dog-eat-dog and kick ’em while they’re down.

At least when it comes to attracting production to your State.

With all the protests over voter suppression going on in the State of Georgia, New Jersey has taken off the gloves and is wooing the Hollywood studios with the double whammy: a 30% tax credit and a huge 40% credit to build a physical studio in the Garden State PLUS early in person voting 10 days before election day.

With major stars calling for a boycott of the State of Georgia for recent statutes that even criminalize providing water to people standing in line waiting to vote, the New Jersey Governor has taken the high (low?) road of comparison advertising by directly reaching out to the studios with incentives.

Viacom is the first media company to condemn the law as activists start boycotts of home-town brands like Delta and CocaCola to put pressure on the legislature to repeal the new laws.


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