#NewProducts 5/10/23 Feat. Adafruit PiCowbell DVI Output for Pico – Works with HDMI Display!

#NewProducts 5/10/23 Feat. Adafruit PiCowbell DVI Output for Pico – Works with HDMI Display!

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Parts Bundle for Introduction to Breadboarding by Jen Fox

We are very excited to carry a new bundle supporting Adafruit friend and maker Jen Fox and her new book, Beginning Breadboarding: Physical Computing and the Basic Building Blocks of Computers!

Using fun, hands-on projects, learn what a circuit is and how it works! This book uses a common tool in electronics, the breadboard, to build your way to an understanding of circuits, circuit components, and the basics of computers.

You’ll master current, voltage, and resistance. With that, you can control outputs like lights and motors as well as inputs like switches and sensors. You’ll also discover the difference between analog and digital electrical signals while studying both electricity and computers. Dabble in electrical engineering, whether you are interested in building things with electronics or learning to program simple, physical systems.

Build your own electronic projects to learn how electronics work. And also how computers store information and process requests. You’ll work with simple, low-cost tools like conductive tape before developing up to working with breadboards and discovering the components to build more complex systems.

We wanted to offer a pack that has everything you need to follow the book and complete the projects. Many of the parts included are common, re-usable components, so you will be able to build on what you’ve learned and come up with new inventions!

What better way to dip your maker toes into the inviting waters of electronics and breadboarding than with this bundle?

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Tough Relay from Digital Loggers

Tough Relay combines the features of a durable power relay, AC current monitor, circuit breaker, energy logger, power meter, and an event scheduler all in a compact DIN package. It can be used stand-alone or connected to a microprocessor via serial I/O.

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Adafruit PiCowbell DVI Output for Pico – Works with HDMI Display

Ding dong! Hear that? It’s the PiCowbell ringing, letting you know that the new Adafruit PiCowbell DVI Output for Pico is in stock and ready to display images and graphics from a microcontroller directly to an HDMI monitor or television! Note it doesn’t do audio, just graphics.

The PiCowbell DVI is the same size and shape as a Pico and is intended to socket underneath to make your next video output project super easy. Mini HDMI connector for use with standard HDMI cables? Yes! STEMMA QT / Qwiic connector for fast I2C? Indeed. Reset button & extra switch for restarting code or changing configuration? Bien sur.

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