OVR Announces Partnership with Ethernaal: Another Prominent BrandCollaboration in the Metaverse

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Nothing powers innovation like partnership. The coming together of like minds, a collaboration of projects with the same vision and in this case, to create a purposeful collaboration with the goal of redefining the metaverse experience.

In recent news, OVR, a revolutionary augmented reality world, is partnering with Ethernaal, a decentralized organization redefining the tattoo industry to further make an impact in the virtual reality space.

When talking about the partnership, Diego Di Tommaso, COO/CO-Founder OVR, said:

“Very excited for the partnership between Ethernaal and OVR, a win-win collaboration, and a great opportunity to showcase the potential of OVR platform to showcase, gamify and wear cross metaverse assets represented by NFTs”.

Indeed, with this collaboration in place, you can reinvent your life in OVR in any way you like. This means you can now apply your tattoo NFT to your avatar.  Super cool; I can easily see myself having one.

Get ready because OVR and Ethernaal will lead a new revolution in the web3 and gaming ecosystem.

Furthermore, the tatooverse will house a museum that will serve as a hub for art in the metaverse. OVR intends to establish a personal museum for each artist in order to showcase their works to the world. Ultimately, the goal will be to connect this vast world to the Marketplace of the augmented reality platform (imminent opening).

Some info on Ethernaal

 Ethernaal was created to enable all artists worldwide to preserve their tattoos in perpetuity while continuing to generate revenue, even if a catastrophe impacts their primary source of revenue. This one-of-a-kind platform enables tattoo artists with little technological knowledge to convert their flashes to NFTs. It is a true blend of indigenous art and contemporary technology. Additionally, Ethernaal provides artists with the opportunity and access to display and sell their NFT  on a dedicated marketplace.

Ethernaal has already made its mark in the crypto world, winning two prizes at the 2021 ETHglobal NFTHackathon, and wants to leverage the emergence of metaverses in order to construct a true virtual museum of the 10th art in OVR.

 There’s news…

To commemorate the start of this incredible collaboration, OVR is organizing a global treasure hunt.  The ten players who collect the most Ethernaal 3D objects will win ten unique Ethernaal NFTS valued at $5,000. This will be distributed for the duration of this great tournament, which runs from March 21 to April 20.

About OVR

OVR is a state-of-the-art platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain. Anyone with a smartphone or smart glasses can access this unique interactive, augmented reality experience customized to their current GPS location in the real world. Also, OVR is setting a new standard in the augmented reality sector. Furthermore, users can create 3D content in the metaverse, own the space in which it is hosted through the use of an NFT, and place it in any corresponding location in the world.

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