Paige rolls out AI breast cancer detection software backed by Microsoft

Paige rolls out AI breast cancer detection software backed by Microsoft

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Digital pathology company Paige has launched a new suite of AI tools that will aid pathologists in breast cancer diagnosis.

The range of breast cancer tools includes mitotic counting features – a critical element in breast cancer diagnosis. Joining Paige Breast Mitosis are Paige Breast Detect, Paige Breast Neoplasm, Paige Breast Lymph Node, and HER2Complete.

Paige says the tools will help pathologists prioritise slide reviews and reduce manual diagnosis time. The product joins Paige Prostate Detect, which uses similar AI technology for the detection of prostate cancer.

The Paige Breast Suite will be offered via the company’s FDA-approved digital pathology platform FullFocus, a whole-slide image viewer with remote access capabilities for use in primary diagnosis, thanks to Microsoft’s cloud service.

 In January 2023, Paige’s clinical AI technology attracted the interest of the tech giant, who ended up striking a partnership with the New York-based start-up. As part of the collaboration, Microsoft provided cloud services and invested funds to accelerate development.

A 2021 report by GlobalData estimates that AI revenue across healthcare will reach $4.3bn by 2024. Digital pathology is an area seeing particular growth as hospitals and laboratories look to increase the throughput of tissue analysis and reduce the occurrence of delays in patient diagnosis.

Paige’s founder and chief medical officer Dr David Klimstra said: “With the addition of Neoplasm and Mitosis detection to our Breast Suite, we assist pathologists in gaining greater efficiency and confidence in everyday tasks like mitotic counting.”

“There are too few pathologists for the increasing demands of breast cancer diagnosis. Paige tackles the pathologist shortage by supporting breast cancer diagnosis and simultaneously providing greater confidence, reducing false negatives and increasing pathologists’ efficiency.”

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