Product Updates: New Visual Campaign Setup & Project Editor!

Pozible Team

Create and visualise your crowdfunding campaign in style before launching.

* March 2021~ Time flies when you’re building things, but we wanted to take some time to properly announce a few major updates.

We’ve been so excited by the calibre and vision of our community thus far in 2021. Seeing all the creative and innovative campaigns that are being launched is inspiring and drives us to keep making our product better.

The Pozible platform is always being improved by our team to create the best experiences for our creators and supporters. We’re constantly looking and listening for ways to enhance the experience for creators and supporters, and now we’ve launched our new create page, visual setup and project editor!

These updates make the process of creating a new campaign easier than ever, while giving anyone the tools to craft a visually-engaging campaign page to attract, inform and reward supporters.

Read on to see the key changes and how you can make the most of them.

Visual Setup

The new visual setup allows you to edit your campaign and see changes in real-time.

With our simple 4-step process, you’ll be prompted to:

  1. Choose a Campaign Type: All-or-Nothing, Donations, Subscriptions or Waitlist.
  2. Enter the Campaign Details including Title, Currency, Target Amount & End Date.
  3. Update your Profile Details displayed on the campaign, such as Name, Tagline, Location, Category, About & Social Media Links.
  4. Upload Visuals to make your campaign stand out, with a Cover Image, Campaign Image & Pitch Video.

Try it out by starting a new campaign draft here.

Successfully created a new Project!

Project Editor

You’ll be able to continue working on your draft at any time—across any device—when it suits you. Head to the My Campaigns menu to see all your campaigns and launch the Project Editor to continue working on it.

The Project Editor allows creators to edit, plan and manage their crowdfunding campaign all from one tool.

Some key features:

  • Team collaboration: add multiple team members who can view and edit the campaign and manage updates once it goes live.
  • Reward editor: craft multiple reward offers, setup extras like multiple shipping destinations, other modifiers (i.e. t-shirt size) and quantities!
  • Description: tell the story of your campaign through the description section, by adding text, images and video to inform and educate your supporters.
  • Analytics: add your Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics tracking codes to your campaign to measure results, view traffic and stay informed.

After you’re finished editing your campaign, you’ll get the chance to submit it to our team for review. Once approved, you can set your dates and launch your campaign into the world!

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New Website Design

Our new homepage look!

We’ll be rolling our new design system out across all our pages, with some new updates and resources coming soon for our community—stay tuned!

As with anything we do, we’d love your input on how you find the experience or how we could make it even better. Let us know by sending any feedback or suggestions via our website.

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