PSA: The Sword in Palworld is more than just a melee weapon

PSA: The Sword in Palworld is more than just a melee weapon

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In a world of monsters, assault rifles, and monsters with assault rifles, the simple sword may seem trivial. Palworld’s Sword, however, is more than just a weapon — it’s a surprisingly helpful multitool that can save you tons of inventory space.

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As well as being the best melee weapon in Palworld, the Sword triples as both an axe and pickaxe. Say goodbye to your rusty old tools and hello to more inventory space for the firearms we’re all here for.

While, yes, the Sword isn’t as effective as the best tools, it’s more than sufficient to replace the axes you’re lugging around. Plus, it has far superior durability, meaning less materials wasted on repairs. If that somehow wasn’t enough, it’s also lighter in overall weight.

How to get a Sword in Palworld

Sword Technology Tree Palworld
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Before you start rushing to your base to craft a shiny new Sword, it’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to get your hands on one until relatively late into the game.

The Sword is unlocked through the Technology tree at Level 44 for 3 Technology Points. Once learned, you can craft it at a Weapon Workbench (or equivalent upgrade) in your base.

To craft the Sword, you will need the following materials:

With such a steep level requirement to unlock, you should have no problem getting your hands on the needed materials. If you’ve skipped out on Refined Ingot, it can be smelted using 2 Ore and 2 Coal in an Improved Furnace.

Is the Sword better than Lily’s Spear?

The Sword has the highest attack damage of any melee weapon in Palworld, including Lily’s Spear. It’s also cheaper to craft and doesn’t require Ancient Technology Points to unlock.

That being said, Lily’s Spear can be unlocked faster than the Sword and can also be used for mining and logging. Ultimately, the weapon you choose is down to personal preference. Lily’s Spear admittedly does look far cooler, but is fashion worth the higher material cost? Maybe! You gotta slay to slay, after all.

Some players opt for a more brutal approach, simply using their Shotgun for almost everything. While this method speaks directly to my heart, bullets are a little too expensive to waste on trees.

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