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Quick.com Offering a Chance to Get on Early on Web3: Mint your NFT Domain Name Now!

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase “website hosting services”? You might be considering how difficult it is to renew your domain name registration annually. What happens if the domain registration is not renewed? Your entire website could disappear.

How would you react if someone claims that you only need to purchase a domain name once and never renew it again? With NFT domain names, it is feasible to accomplish that. Your Web3 hosting agreement does not need to be renewed annually. This just one of the many benefits of having an NFT domain is this. Continue reading to learn more.

What Are Other Features of NFT domains?

  • The characteristics of Quik.com’s NFT domain names include:
  • They need to be purchased once. You won’t have to pay anything to keep it once you mint it.
  • It can be utilized in place of your digital wallet to facilitate communication.
  • If they make use of the IPFS file system, they can be used to host Web3 pages.
  • Since it is decentralized, none of your Web3-hosted sites are blocked with these NFT domains. Quik.com is creating a whole ecosystem to utilize the advantages of these NFT domain names fully.

Regarding Quik.com NFT domains’ security
On Quik.com, NFT domains are created using the Ethereum blockchain. To be certain, you can also check the open ledger. Therefore, there is no cause for concern regarding the security of NFT Blockchains. They are equally safe as the Blockchain. No one has the power to censor or ban them because they are decentralized. This increases their safety.

Which TLD Types Exist in the Quik.com Ecosystem?

There are numerous well-known top-level domain names available on Quik.com (TLDs). The following TLDs are currently available for registration:










Quik.com consistently adds new TLDs.

There can only be a fixed number of each kind of TLD. As a result, they will be very uncommon and unique. Depending on the kind of Web3 site you want to host, you can select your NFT. For instance, you can use the .metaverse TLD if your website is solely dedicated to providing information about the Metaverse. To indicate that your website is a Web 3.0 site, you could use choose.web3.

Where Can I Purchase These NFT Domain Names?

Visit Quik.com to create your first NFT domain name. Then take the following actions:

  • You will be prompted to link your Metamask or other cryptocurrency wallets on Quik.com.
  • Select the desired TLD from the list of available choices.
  • Click “search” after entering the exact NFT domain name.
  • A ” MINT ” button will show up if the NFT domain is available.
  • You will be asked to complete the payment on your cryptocurrency wallet after clicking “mine.”
  • Before receiving a response from the other party, wait to confirm the payment in your wallet.
  • After the transaction has been completed, the NFT domain name will be created and saved in your cryptocurrency wallet.
  • Like other digital assets like cryptos or NFTs, the NFT domain name is maintained. On Quik.com, you are free to store, use, and even sell them.

To sum up:

Anyone looking to establish themselves as a major player in the Web3 industry would do well registering an NFT domain immediately. Your preferred NFT domain might become unavailable as the Web3 space expands. So, take the next step and mint your NFT domain name by going to Quik.com immediately.

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