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RendeverFit Aims to Help Both Physical & Cognitive Fitness for Seniors

Among all the virtual reality (VR) companies out there Rendever is one of the few specifically focusing its attention on older adults, helping seniors overcome social isolation through shared experiences. Today, the company has announced plans to expand its repertoire with RendeverFit, a new platform merging physical fitness, cognitive fitness and social elements.


Rendever’s VR solution for senior living communities up to now has revolved around using headsets like Oculus Go, providing 360-degree video content which community staff can control for a group viewing experience. RendeverFit will take that idea to the next stage by combining three active modules, Cycle, Paddle, and Paint into one package.

It’ll be the company’s first fitness-based product, built to improve mental health, emotional, psychological, and cognitive function as well as encouraging physical activity. The Cycle module will allow users to cycle through several beautiful environments together whilst Paddle ups the intensity by testing agility and accuracy as users hit balls at targets. The Paint module utilises Multibrush, the multiplayer version of Tilt Brush created by Rendever’s CTO, Tom Neumann.

“Social health is a critical factor when families are considering whether it is best for a loved one to transition into a senior living community or remain at home. Through Rendever’s research, we understand the impact of virtual reality on residents’ social health, and are excited to continue growing our platform to take a more holistic approach to wellbeing,” said Kyle Rand, Cofounder and CEO of Rendever in a statement. “By combining healthy physical movement with the overall wellness of increased socialization, RendeverFit™ will help senior living communities expand their resident care through our fun and dynamic platform. The new RendeverFit™ platform will follow in the footsteps of other award-winning Rendever products, giving communities an arsenal of tools to utilize daily while delivering high quality care.”

RendeverFit Aims to Help Both Physical & Cognitive Fitness for Seniors

“When I witnessed RendeverFit with my community members, I was overwhelmed with the possibilities and tangible applications this platform will provide. The residents and my team were astounded by what the future holds,” said Marcus Kubicheck at Monarch Healthcare Management. “It was a beautiful experience to see the authentic smiles that everyone shared, especially after exercising! RendeverFit IS the future of long-term care and a shining example of a clinical therapeutic intervention that promotes community health.”

RendeverFit will make its public debut during the 2021 Argentum Senior Living Executive Conference & Expo in Phoenix, Arizona next week, where attendees can demo the software. Its official rollout will then take place in December 2021, with pre-orders currently being accepted.

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