Restrictions on E-Register and Public Search Features of the Trademarks Registry Lifted (Finally!)

Restrictions on E-Register and Public Search Features of the Trademarks Registry Lifted (Finally!)

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Some good news for trademark practitioners! The restriction imposed on the E-Register and the Public Search features of the Trademarks Registry’s website is finally lifted, making them accessible 24×7. As discussed here, the restriction was imposed due to an increased load on the TM application and database servers. A big thanks to one of our readers for sharing the public notice lifting this restriction, in the comments of my previous post. Readers will recall that in our Annual Review of IP developments in 2023, we highlighted that the issue of limited access to these features was brought before the Delhi High Court wherein the Court directed the Controller General’s office to file a response stating the steps that they have taken to resolve the issue and also to depute a Senior Officer who is aware of the technicalities of the issue to take up any technical queries which may arise on the next date of hearing. This issue was later raised before the officers in the Open House Session of December 19, where the offers said they were hopeful about the issue being resolved within a month. Additionally, as reported earlier this week, one of the main issues for organizing today’s in-person meeting in the Controller General’s Mumbai Office was to listen to the grievances of stakeholders regarding the TMR portal. With this issue now out of picture (hopefully), the Registry can work toward resolving other issues.

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