Riverside Insights and Thrively Team Up to Help Children Discover Their Inner Genius

Riverside Insights and Thrively Team Up to Help Children Discover Their Inner Genius

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ITASCA, Ill. – Riverside Insights®, a leading developer of research-based assessments and analytics, today announced a partnership with Thrively, a personalized learning platform for K-12 students aimed at helping children everywhere discover their inner genius. The partnership will enable educators to discover students’ unique strengths, interests and aspirations to build the skills they need for success in the classroom and beyond.

Adding Thrively to Riverside Insights’ offerings provides educators engaging resources to complement Riverside’s researched-backed assessments and insights. The Riverside Insights’ CogAT(R) (Cognitive Abilities TestTM ) measures verbal, quantitative and nonverbal reasoning skills, providing multiple perspectives on cognitive abilities and student potential for learning. The Thrively assessments, also research-based, help students develop self-efficacy and confidence to unlock their strengths, learning styles, habits and personality. Riverside and Thrively assessments, used in combination, maximize student understanding and engagement and create a comprehensive strengths-based profile for students K-12.

“Riverside Insights and Thrively share the same goal of giving all students the tools and confidence they need to thrive in the classroom and succeed in life after graduation,” said Matt Tebbe, Group General Manager, Riverside Insights. “Our research-based assessments empower educators with the knowledge to help each learner, while the Thrively platform helps to unlock the students’ potential and increase overall classroom engagement.”

With the Thrively assessments, students gain self-awareness and learn about their unique strengths and interests. Students work through playlists, courses, projects and activities designed to help them find purpose, build skills and create personal impact. Journal entries follow each activity to capture student learning and growth. The student’s entire journey is captured in their digital portfolio, which they can refer to for self reflection and teachers can also monitor student progress.

“Thrively was founded on a core philosophy that every child has a genius and they deserve to thrive,” said Girish Venkat, founder and CEO, Thrively. “Students are 30 times more engaged when the school is committed to building on their strengths. We ensure that every learner is known, their well-being is supported and hope is instilled. By doing this, we create the conditions for positive and growth-oriented student engagement.”

For more information, visit https://info.riversideinsights.com/thrively.

About Thrively

Thrively, a personalized learning platform for K-12 students aimed at helping kids everywhere discover their inner genius, was founded on the core philosophy that every child deserves to thrive. The strengths-based learning platform unlocks each student’s potential and increases overall classroom engagement by ensuring every learner is known, their well-being supported, and hope instilled. For more information, visit www.thrively.com.

About Riverside Insights

Riverside Insights, one of the nation’s leading and most long-standing developers of research-based assessments, is led by a powerful mission: to provide insights that help elevate potential and enrich the lives of students, clinical patients, employees, and organizations globally. For more information, visit www.RiversideInsights.com.

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