Roobet Updates Rewards Program with Roowards 2.0 | BitcoinChaser

Roobet Updates Rewards Program with Roowards 2.0 | BitcoinChaser

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Crypto-based betting site Roobet has introduced a revamped rewards program, Roowards 2.0, to offer enhanced benefits and rewards to its users. With improvements such as increased rewards and more streamlined benefits, this new reward system significantly enriches the user experience on Roobet.

Here’s a look at what players can expect from this enhanced system.

Overview: Roobet’s Roowards 2.0

Roobet’s Roowards 2.0 introduces a comprehensive tiered system with 30 levels of escalating perks. From the initial levels to the prestigious Grandmaster and Immortal tiers, this enhanced program promises doubled rewards. Players earn points by placing bets on their favorite casino games, unlocking exclusive benefits and greater rewards along the way.

New Custom Badges

In addition to the tiered rewards, Roowards 2.0 brings new custom badges into play. These badges not only highlight player achievements but also provide exclusive benefits. Each badge, from chat icons to profile distinctions, boosts status and unlocks more rewards as players progress. For instance, the Ruby badge offers significant perks as shown in the photo above.

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Drops

One of the standout features of Roowards 2.0 is its frequent and varied drops. Players now enjoy rewards, each designed to deliver instant satisfaction and ongoing benefits. These drops include:

  • Instant Rakeback: Instant rewards based on how much you play. You can claim these every 30 minutes, and they never expire!
  • Daily Bonus: Personalized rewards based on your daily play, claimable once every 24 hours, and stackable for up to 72 hours.
  • Weekly Bonus: Enjoy custom rewards that match your weekly gameplay. They drop every week and last for 7 days.
  • Monthly Bonus: Exclusive rewards linked to your monthly gambling activity, released monthly and valid until the next month’s rewards kick in.
  • Vault Bonus: Score special bonuses based on your activity over the past 14 days. Vault rewards drop three times daily, each one good for 24 hours before it expires.


If these rewards are not claimed by the time the next reward is available, they will expire.

Insane Rake Boost: Accelerating Your Progress

Everyone loves a good boost, and Roobet’s Rake Boost feature is designed to accelerate player progression with substantial increases in rewards. These boosts can be earned through signing up, leveling up, and claiming rewards. For example, players receive a +10% boost on signup for 24 hours and +10% on daily, weekly, and monthly rewards for 60 minutes each. While these boosts do not stack, they ensure continuous rewards every 30 minutes, leading to higher bonuses and faster advancement through reward tiers.

How to Participate in Roobet’s Rewards Program

Participating in Roobet’s Roowards 2.0 is straightforward:

  1. Join Roobet: Sign up or log in to Roobet to automatically become a member of the rewards program.
  2. Wager and Earn Points: Start wagering on their casino games to accumulate points and move up the reward levels.
  3. Claim Rewards: Regularly check for available rewards and bonuses, ensuring timely claims to maximize benefits.

Roowards 2.0: Then vs. Now

Roowards 2.0 marks a substantial update from its old version, doubling rewards right from the Beginner level. With boosted rakeback and cashback percentages, players are set for unmatched benefits. A standout feature is the ‘Old Rewards’ button, which allows instant claiming of previously unclaimed rewards for a generous 60-day window. Moreover, rewards now flow more frequently, with bonus drops ensuring ongoing benefits for all active users.

Roowards 2.0

Roobet’s Roowards 2.0 is indeed a game-changer in the world of online betting rewards. With its tiered system, custom badges, and frequent drops, every gaming session is not just about playing—it’s about winning big and enjoying continuous perks.

So, why wait? Join Roobet today and let the good times—and rewards roll! 🎉

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