ROOT Gaming Relaunch!

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ROOT was founded over 11 years ago before ‘esports’ was much of a thing. Our goal was simple, yet ambitious: make the best SC2 team in North America. Over the years we managed to meet our expectations at multiple points, all while retaining our team spirit and cultivating friendships many of which are going strong to this day, but there’s no denying that over time our competitive drive, goals and ambitions as an organization lessened to near halt.
Today that changes, as we recognize the need to re-build a sense of community and support systems for established and aspiring players in the SC2 ecosystem, we go back to our ROOTs and embark on our boldest journey yet: to become the biggest StarCraft 2 Clan, ever.

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ROOT is now open to all Masters+ (all servers)

Are you Masters+? You are now eligible to join our growing family and reap the benefits!! To submit a simple application join our discord here

Not Masters yet? Join our discord anyway! Get familiar, participate and learn as your path unfolds before you, we’ll be here when you get your blue star.

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Presenting the ROOT Tournament Circuit !

In partnership with Twitch, we will be running $400 cups for members only every 2 weeks + quarterly finals (4 per year) for $2000! (Top 6 ROOT players from circuit points + 2 players from an open qualifier).
Every other week member-only distribution: 1st: $200 2nd: $100 3/4th: $50
Quarterly finals prizepool distribution: 1st: $690 2nd: $420 3/4th: $245 4-8th: $100
Tournaments will be hosted on Saturdays at 1pmEST / 7pmCEST and use EPT rules for servers. If there is a big tournament we’ll reschedule.
Tournaments will be regularly streamed and casted on
more information …you guessed it: on our discord.

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Inaugural Class and Player Policy:

We are very happy to announce that SKillous, SortOf and ShaDoWn have all decided to join / represent ROOT as our inaugural class!!
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As ecstatic as we are for the power these players bring to the table and our brand, we want to make sure that everyone is aware: None of our players are under contract and their commitment / obligations end at any moment they decide to move on.

This means to other teams: ROOT players remain open to offers and we will take no fee or stand in the way of their best interest moving forward.

ROOT aims to be a support structure that fills what we believe to be an existing void. To provide a system that rewards hard-working, aspiring talent, as well as established players in their transitions and flow within the sc2 sphere. We’ve always taken pride in supporting and developing talent and now this mission is explicitly at the heart of our project for the foreseeable future.

While we expect we’ll see exponential growth, we will continue to feature a ‘main roster’ on our new website, with our house-hold streamers and pro-players featured. We love and are greatful to this core and hope to be able to add many more names to this list organically as our system helps to develop and catapult players and content creators forward in the space.

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Crypto fan? $ROOT is now available on!

Much of the work and efforts we are putting forward are made possible in part thanks to our new crypto token $ROOT. Access weekly rewards just for holding and participate in our economy, part of which goes to fuel our efforts in the RTS space! Buy $ROOT:

More information and benefits can be found in our discord!

Believe it or not, we have MORE in the works, including practice session schedules for members, $ROOT driven events, and, Group Coaching from pros (Provided there’s enough interest) and more..

Stay up to date and track our ongoing efforts:
Twitter – @ROOT4ROOT
New Website! –


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