Saltwood Harvest, A More Laid-Back Stardew Valley? - Droid Gamers

Saltwood Harvest, A More Laid-Back Stardew Valley? – Droid Gamers

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We love small indie projects on Droid Gamers, and Saltwood Harvest, a new farming sim available for free on Android, caught our attention.

Do you love tilling the soil and harvesting crops in Stardew Valley but hate the social obligation of dragging yourself to a Spring Festival? Sick of helping some fruit with legs rebuild a village hall by giving them high-quality turnips?

Stardew Valley For More Introverted Farmers

Well, Saltwood Harvest might be up your alley. This free indie project is out now on Android in its early stages, and sets out to provide a similar experience but with more of a focus on the farming aspects. In fact, nearly everyone in the farm area has straight-up disappeared.

Via a thread on r/MobileGaming, developer Agaricus Games elaborated a little more on the ethos behind the game, explaining that the concept came from a sense that Stardew Valley was a little too stressful.

The time limit imposed by the game to get your farm up to standard might loom over you a bit if you’re a naturally anxious person. So, why not have something where you can farm completely at your own pace.

More Features Planned

In the same thread, the developer went on to outline some planned features for the game. This includes a fishing mechanic, crafting, and combat. It certainly sounds like we’ll see combat that differs considerably from Stardew Valley, with a turn-based combat system in the vein of classic RPGs.

If we had any constructive criticism about the game, it’s that some of the art assets look a little too similar to the title it’s inspired by, and could maybe do with a little more of their own twist. Moving away from the classic sim’s colour scheme would help cement the different vibe of the game.

That said, the game is still clearly in development, and perhaps we’ll see some bigger visual overhauls in the future.

If this all sounds like something you find interesting, you can check out the game now on Google Play. It’s free, and there are no ads.

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