Soul Strike! First Major Update Now Available

Soul Strike! First Major Update Now Available

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The first major update for TIKITAKA STUDIO and Com2uS’ idle RPG Soul Strike! Is now available for mobile devices.

See the full breakdown of updates below:

  • Emerging six times a day in the Conqueror Field, Void Invader Krux is on a mission to wreak havoc. In order to defeat him, players must travel through dimensional rifts with Void Keys in hand. Note that advanced players will be ranked based on their cumulative scores to earn rare rewards such as High-Grade Equipment Synthesis Materials and Soul Parts. The Wandering Merchant “Charles” also offers up rare items like Level 100 Soul Parts.
  • Soul Strike! players will be able to deliver powerful area attacks (with additional damage dealt out to bleeding enemies) by using new skills like Radiant Judgement. The Mythical tier ally ‘Scarlet’ also provides attacks with a war hammer, while the Mythical tier relic Dark Catalyst will inflict significant physical damage.
  • Finally, this update to Soul Strike! expands the Tower of Trials to 200 floors.Beginning February 7, the in-game “Lunar New Year Feast” event will reward players who log in for seven days with “New Year: foods that provide various buff effects.

Be sure to check out the official Soul Strike! Discord for additional information.

Soul Strike! is available as a free download on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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