Supremacy Gaming Platform Attracts Three Top Industry Advisors

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March 10, 2022 – Perth, Australia

Ninja Syndicate announces three new crypto industry partnerships for their metaverse gaming platform as they prepare for their public utility token sale. International cryptocurrency experts Layah Heilpern, Miss Teen Crypto and Brad Yasar have all joined the Supremacy team as advisors to the blockchain project.

Alex Dunmow, chief executive of Ninja Syndicate, said that adding a line-up of international cryptocurrency experts to the advisory board is proof that Supremacy’s play-to-earn format is getting widespread industry support.

Dunmow said,

“Our advisors are the absolute best and brightest in the crypto space. With their support and guidance, we can truly play 4D chess in the challenging world of metaverse gaming. The timing couldn’t be better as we prepare for our token sale close.”

Last month, Ninja Syndicate welcomed Mati Greenspan, founder and CEO of Quantum Economics, as the first advisor to Supremacy team. Each of the industry experts brings a different focus to ensure Supremacy goes from strength to strength.

Built for gamers by gamers for a vibrant community

Layah Heilpern, author of ‘Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide to the World’s Most Revolutionary Asset,’ said she couldn’t say ‘no’ to the opportunity of joining Supremacy’s advisory board.

Heilpern said,

“The dynamic team behind Supremacy understands the future can be found at the intersection of gaming, community and crypto. Supremacy is built for gamers by gamers, so the community around it is vibrant. To invest in Supremacy’s token, you must play the game.

Supremacy solves a clear problem with play-to-earn games. It’s not about speculation of earning a profit with the pre-sale – it truly is play-to-earn.”

The more invested the users become, the more opportunity for advancement. As the game evolves, the team is committed to a fair game that’s fun for experts and novices alike.”

Play-to-earn puts Supremacy at the forefront of innovation

Brad Yasar is the CEO of EQIFi, the premiere decentralized global banking platform and the first DeFi platform powered by a regulated global bank. He is also the founder of Beyond Enterprizes, a leading blockchain, and fintech advisory firm based in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Brad has over two decades of experience working to expand the new digital economy with a global focus on cryptocurrencies, blockchain and token-powered organizations. Passionate about where technology and world markets collide, the respected media commentator has thrown his support behind the Supremacy gaming platform.

Yasar said,

“As we work toward a more unified and accessible future, the metaverse is going to become an essential part of our lives. Gaming starting with play-to-earn or play-and-earn models is already proving to be at the forefront of this innovation, and I am excited to play a part in it.”

Supremacy’s gaming experience attractive to Gen Z

Miss Teen Crypto has long been an advocate for making the metaverse more accessible for Gen Z. An early adopter to using cryptocurrency for everyday transactions, she believes a lower barrier to entry is necessary to make cryptocurrency attractive to her generation. Supremacy’s low barrier gaming experience and sustainable digital economy assists in that mission.

Miss Teen Crypto said,

“Supremacy is a game that catches one’s attention in many ways. From the art, to the animation, to the play-to-earn aspect, there’s just so much to the game that draws people into the ecosystem. It is very detailed in the way it is structured – whether that be tokenomics [or] the storylines, as well as the syndicates in the game. The team is heavily attentive and is eager to grow the game and its community.”

Token public sale announced

The SUPS utility token public sale is available for 24 hours from 6 a.m. UTC on March 12, 2022.

About Ninja Syndicate

Ninja Syndicate is a game studio based in Western Australia. After building clients’ software together for the last five years, the team founded Ninja Syndicate in 2020 and pivoted to building in the crypto space. The team of game designers, crypto natives and software engineers began the development of Supremacy game early last year before interest in the metaverse blew up. Now our team of 80 engineers, concept artists, marketers and community developers are fully focused on pursuing their passion in crypto, web 3.0 and NFTs, striving to bring crypto gaming and the metaverse to the masses.

To learn more, visit the Supremacy website.


Lan Tran, chief sales officer of Supremacy

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