TGCasino Successfully Reaches $5M Presale Goal – Will $TGC 100x After Network Launch?

TGCasino Successfully Reaches $5M Presale Goal – Will $TGC 100x After Network Launch?

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TGCasino Successfully Reaches $5M Presale Goal – Will $TGC 100x After Network Launch?

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TGCasino, a licensed Telegram-based crypto casino and sportsbook, concluded its presale on 21 December 2023, successfully raising $5 million, and is now shifting towards launching its network.

TG.Casino is an online casino incorporating cryptocurrency, specifically its Ethereum-based native token, $TGC. 

Operating on the widely-used messaging platform Telegram, TG.Casino aims to offer seamless access without additional downloads, potentially reducing user entry barriers.

The recent presale’s success has solidified TG.Casino’s position in the growing crypto casino market – attracting significant funds to support its operations.

TG Casino is run by experienced casino professionals with extensive contacts and relationships with key executives in the casino profession.

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Tokenomics Model and User Engagement Metrics

$TGC introduces a tokenomics model where 40% of bought-back tokens are burned, contributing to scarcity. The remaining 60% is distributed as rewards, encouraging user loyalty within the TG.Casino ecosystem. The platform prioritises decentralised payments – using blockchain technology for efficient and low-cost transactions.

TGCasino’s commitment to regulatory compliance is evident through its full licensing, enabling operations in various jurisdictions. This ensures legal protections for players and expands the potential user base.

The casino has positioned itself as a decentralised platform that offers anonymous and instant Web3 deposits and withdrawals, targeting a market where recent successes like Stake and Rollbit have demonstrated significant potential.

The $TGC token is set to play a central role in the TG.Casino ecosystem. It will be closely integrated, rewarding holders with unique benefits. The platform’s decision to enter the market when both Telegram bot tokens and gaming-related tokens have experienced substantial price surges indicates a strategic move to tap into the growing interest in crypto gaming.

Recent updates from TG.Casino showcase notable user engagement and growth:

– Over $155 million wagered by players.

– Participation from more than 4,500 players.

– Total deposits surpassing $14 million.

The initial short-term sell pressure created by $TGC presale stakers unlocking their tokens ten days post-launch appears to have been exhausted. The platform has accumulated over 4,000 players, total deposits exceeding $10 million and $125 million wagered since its launch.


TG.Casino goes beyond traditional gaming, introducing exclusive High Roller NFTs for those who contributed $5,000 or more during the presale. The platform offers a range of games, including blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, poker and various sports betting options.

A staking system for $TGC holders provides additional tokens and Ethereum rewards over a 6-month pool, aiming to foster long-term engagement and loyalty within the TG.Casino community.

In a recent announcement, TGCasino offers 25% cashback on users’ net losses every week when playing with $TGC.

Token Launch Anticipation

With the successful presale, attention now turns to the $TGC network launch. The crypto community is closely observing to assess TG Casino’s innovative approach, integration with Telegram, and commitment to regulatory compliance.

As TG Casino prepares for the token launch, the industry watches to see if it can carve a significant presence in the competitive crypto gaming market, offering a unique blend of traditional casino gaming experiences and defi benefits on the blockchain.

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