The Ghost of Tsushima Movie Will Be the 'Most Anti-Samurai Samurai' Film - PlayStation LifeStyle

The Ghost of Tsushima Movie Will Be the ‘Most Anti-Samurai Samurai’ Film – PlayStation LifeStyle

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Ghost of Tsushima comments on the ethics of being a samurai, and that’s not lost on Chad Stahelski, the director of the upcoming film adaptation. He spoke more about the Ghost of Tsushima movie and said it would be the “most anti-samurai samurai movie out there.”

The Ghost of Tsushima movie

Stahelski talked about the movie to ComicBookMovie. He said that the team is “in heavy development” on the film and then expressed how they are trying to accurately portray the game in another medium.

“The game story of Jin Sakai, and it being what I would say is ‘the most anti-samurai samurai movie out there’ because of the storylines, themes in it,” said Stahelski. “The journey that Jin Sakai goes through from his transition or his choices of who to become and what the people need him to become and what he [is bound to by honor] is so interesting to me. The story and the characters in the story are definitely something I don’t want to lose in any way.”

Stahelski said something similar in March, but this newer quote is a little more direct, extreme, and detailed.

Stahelski also once again brought up the visual presentation of Sucker Punch Production’s title and how the team is trying to figure out how to pack the game’s signature traits into the Ghost of Tsushima movie.

“I want to keep the visuals,” Stahelski continued. “It’s just how do I pack that much information into a feature that can go onto other features or a TV project? The trick is not, ‘Do we have great material?’ We know we have great material. It’s how to make it palpable on any platform and how do we make a great two or two-and-a-half hour movie out of this and make it satisfying and leave it open to expand on further from there? How to take so much great stuff and get it down to a watchable level is the real challenge.”

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