The Guardian to No Longer Show “Unethical” Gambling Ads

The Guardian to No Longer Show “Unethical” Gambling Ads

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Guardian Media Group will no longer display any gambling-related ads across its print and online outlets. It believes that accepting money to promote services that can result in “addiction and financial ruin” is unethical.

concerns over online campaigns

In an article on The Guardian website, Guardian Media Group Chief Executive Anne Bateson pointed to studies that show a correlation between exposure to these types of ads and people engaging in more gambling. She especially has concerns over online campaigns. Bateson acknowledged that many readers do engage in gambling and that it “is a matter of personal freedom”, affirming that the company has “no issue with that.”

This ban applies to most forms of gambling, except for the lottery. A spokesperson explained that the reason behind this exclusion was due to the money that the lottery raises for good causes and the lack of instantaneous draws.

Publications that are a part of the Guardian Media Group include the Guardian, Guardian Weekly, and the Observer. The Guardian already has a self-imposed ban in place on fossil fuel-related ads.

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