The New ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Includes Balance Changes to Luke Cage, Spider-Man 2099, and More – TouchArcade

The New ‘Marvel Snap’ Update Includes Balance Changes to Luke Cage, Spider-Man 2099, and More – TouchArcade

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It’s about time for another over-the-air update for Marvel Snap (Free), and this one is thankfully a bit less nerfy than some of the previous ones. I suppose it speaks to the fact that none of the new cards from Planet Hulk seem to be unbalancing things too significantly, which is nice. That said, we do have some changes to look at, and look at them we shall.

Let’s start with a very positive change to Luke Cage. He was a common sight in several decks up until his nerf a couple of months back, which seemed to slam him right into the ground. Well, this update reverts his ability so that it affects all locations instead of just one again, but it also makes some changes to his stats to try to find a middle ground. Luke Cage goes from 2-Cost 3-Power to 3-Cost 4-Power, which officially means he can be part of the Silver Surfer gang.

Next is the Hulkbuster, which is getting a change I won’t call a nerf or a buff, exactly. It’s aimed at cutting how powerful it’s making Deadpool without knocking its feet out from under it completely. Hulkbuster has gone from 3-Cost 5-Power to 2-Cost 3-Power, which will let you play it a little earlier and won’t give quite so much beef to the Merc with the Mouth.

Heimdall is getting a little buff, and I think it’s one that is probably well past due. He’s going from a 6-Cost 8-Power card to a 6-Cost 9-Power card. Still outside of Shang-Chi’s target area, but a little stronger. This isn’t the only change looking to help some lesser-played movement cards, as Spider-Man 2099 is going from a 4-Cost 6-Power card to a 5-Cost 9-Power card. That’s a big boost, which might get some players to try him out with cards like Herc.

The last card getting changed in this update is a curious one. I’ve seen Ghost pop up now and then in some decks, and her ability to control when your On Reveal cards are activated certainly has strategic value. Still, one gets the sense she could be seeing more play. To that end, she’s moving from 1-Cost 2-Power to 3-Cost 5-Power. I think most people who want to use her ability plan for some late-game surprises, so it should be a positive move for her. Also, that’s another card for the Silver Surfer gang.

That’s a wrap for this update. Not as big as the last couple to be sure, and if anything I think it feels like maybe the team didn’t have any particularly pressing concerns to address outside of fixing Luke. Which is good! It means things are balanced at the moment. Still, I’m sure some of you will see some effects from this. Will you be adding any of these cards to your decks? Or are you just happy to see Luke doing his thing again? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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