The Ultimate Fighter Finale Preview


With the 30th season of the Ultimate Fighter coming to an end, we preview The Ultimate Fighter Finale. The final matchups will appear of UFC on ESPN: Santos vs. Hill.

Women’s Fly Weight

Brogan Walker vs. Juliana Miller

Brogan Walker is an unconventional striker. She is right-handed but mainly resides in the southpaw stance. While southpaw, Walker lands accurate and powerful strikes with the right hand. One weakness with this unorthodox style of fighting was revealed during the season when Juliana Peña told her fighter that she rarely throws her left hand. Walker will enjoy the striking advantage during standup exchanges. Her best route to becoming the Ultimate Fighter will be finishing Miller on her feet.

Throughout this season Juliana Miller has let everyone know that she isn’t scared of anyone. And it showed when she went through the fight of the season and came out on top. Miller is relentless in her pursuit. Miller fought arguably the best female striker in the competition, and never backed off even after a big shot. Her specialty is Jiu Jitsu, her ability to gain a better position and dominate on the ground is what brought her to the finale. Don’t sleep on her striking tho as she has the stiffest jab on the show.

Prediction: Miller Wins Via Split Decision

Men’s Heavyweight

Mohammed Usman vs. Zac Pauga

Mohammed Usman is the brother of the current No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter in the world Kamaru Usman. Usman came to make a legacy of his own and he has done just that thus far. On his way to the finale, he had to go through tough competition. His first fight was a personal grudge match as his opponent was angry at him for pulling out of a previous fight. He ended up winning that fight somewhat easily, somewhat due to excessive showboating from the other fighter. His matchup in the semi-finals was the No. 1 pick of the competition, who was known for amazing power and striking ability. He won that fight due to pure will power and proved that he deserves a shot in the UFC.

Zac Pauga is the most well-rounded male fighter on the show. Pauga has shown the ability to fight standing up as well as on the ground. Pauga’s route to the finale was much easier than Usman’s but he would arguably have been in the finale anyways. His path to victory and a UFC contract will most likely be taking Usman to the ground. Usman’s ground capabilities have mostly been untested throughout the show, while Pauga has shown his ground and pound abilities. This will be an exciting matchup for The Ultimate Fighter Finale

Prediction: Usman Via TKO

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