The XDB Ecosystem Fund and GDA Capital’s Commitment to the DigitalBits Blockchain

The XDB and GDA Capital’s Commitment to the DigitalBits Blockchain

DigitalBits continues to grow as a layer-one blockchain given the industry’s current need for protocols that provide security, speed, and cost-savings. It serves as a tool for mass adoption of blockchain technology by making micropayments efficient and cost-effective. More so, its focus on asset tokenization has made it a sought-after network among innovative projects. 

Development teams are able to tokenize anything from branded stablecoins to social tokens, fan engagement, or NFTs on the DigitalBits blockchain. This has led North American digital asset leader GDA Capital to launch a new venture fund focused on fostering the ecosystem’s growth. The GDA XDB Venture Fund will help teams that build on DigitalBits by allocating the necessary resources for their success. 

As explained by GDA Capital Co-founder Michael Gord:

Blockchain technology will change many different aspects of traditional industries and rewards programs are just the tip of the iceberg. What DigitalBits is doing will extend to things we can’t even imagine yet and that’s why it’s necessary to give new developers and entrepreneurs the tools they need to work on these projects. Ultimately, this XDB ecosystem fund is looking to create greater opportunities for the whole blockchain industry to push forward the mainstream adoption of digital assets using the DigitalBits blockchain.

With support from GDA Capital and the GDA XDB Venture Fund, these teams will have access to capital as well as an important network of strategic partners and enterprises. This will allow them to grow their ideas past early stage development and introduce new use cases for the DigitalBits blockchain as a whole.

The growth of the DigitalBits ecosystem is part of GDA’s mission to expand the reach of digital assets. Its commitment to the project is complemented by an ongoing involvement in the most innovative developments in the blockchain space. These include GDA’s work with NFTs, DeFi, GameFi, DAOs, the Metaverse, and other leading use cases for the new technology.


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