It’s been 70 years since the day India marked its first Independence Day on 15th August 1947. It’s the most important day for all Indians and will be forever in the history of India. After Independence we got our fundamental rights. People say “HISTORY NEVER REPEAT ITSELF” but we cannot forget the history of slave India which reveals the countless sacrifices and those painful sufferings of our ancestors and forefathers to give India the title of “INDEPENDENT INDIA”. It took years of struggle, sacrifice, hardships that finally resulted in an Independent India. We could not even imagine the state of mind, the sufferings, and agony of the people who went through those situations.

Many great freedom fighters along with the people had worked hard and suffered all the brutal torture of the British. It took sacrifices of lives of the people to set our nation “FREE”. It is a day when we Indians pay homage to the people who sacrificed their life for us. On the eve of Independence Day the president delivers the “Address to the Nation”, flag hoisting ceremonies and various cultural programs take place. The various schools in the country celebrate this day with great enthusiasm. The tiny tods dress up themselves as our great freedom fighters.

The day in itself is sufficient to create that spark of patriotism in every citizen of the country. It’s been 70 years from now but we still have that burning fire in our heart when it comes to those innocent soldiers, those crying mother’s who lost their son, those helpless wives with babies in their arms and their husbands lie dead in front of them. We say India is now a free nation but deep inside we could never get rid of those scars from our past. It’s easy for a wound to heal up but the scars leave those marks behind. The atmosphere is filled with the feeling of freedom, unity and sacrifices of our ancestors. Today let us all come together, be the cause for the unity, fight against corruption and hoist the flag of our nation. A day when we step out of our houses and could see those tri color flags set in cars and some proudly placed on our chests.

It’s rightly said “A Nation’s culture resides in the hearts and soul of the people”. We all have that zeal within us to make represent India on international level, that fire within us which glows the brightest. Today we all will take a pledge to set our country free from corruption, rape culture, and poverty. So this Independence day let us all join hands to make India a better place to reside in where there would be gender equality, access to education and no red tapism. So, this Independence Day let’s create “THE NEW INDIA”.


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