Three GameStation IDOs Democratize $GAMER Public Sales for Gaming Community

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The rush for new tokens can make it difficult to participate in presales these days. It can be especially difficult to get into a token early when the tokens come from one of the crypto community’s fastest rising stars, blockchain gaming

Luckily for gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, users will have three chances this week to acquire $GAMER tokens at a discounted price. GameStation will be launching its new tokens through three different IDO launchpads on October 26th and October 28th with around 1.5 million tokens allocated for each platform.

The first IDO set to launch has already gone live on Equinox with nearly all tokens accounted for at the time of writing. The two additional IDOs that will open on the 28th can be found on MANTRA DAO’s launchpad ZENDIT and the gaming-centered launchpad hosted by GameFi. Post-IDO, $GAMER will be listed on QuickSwap, a leading DEX on the Polygon Network. The initial market cap will be $340,000.

Watch Out for the Booming Future of Blockchain Gaming

The demand for GameStation’s $GAMER tokens is a testament to the surge of interest people are taking in blockchain gaming. By combining games with blockchain technology, a whole new kind of gameplay has evolved with financial incentives to play and develop new games, and this new concept is taking the world by storm. 

The rise of Play to Earn (P2E) gaming and GameFi are due in large part to the recent addition of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) into electronic games built on blockchains like Etheruem, BSC, Polygon, Polkadot, and Solana.

By utilizing NFTs in blockchain gaming, players are given an opportunity to own digital assets from the games they play, and this is an opportunity unlike any ever presented to gamers in the history of gaming.

Blockchain gaming is actually earning players enough money to quit their jobs in some countries, and a community of gamers that spans the globe is waking up to the possibility of turning their fun time into a financially rewarding time as well.

While blockchain-powered decentralized finance (DeFi) may have captured more total value locked (TVL) than GameFi up to this point, it’s possible that gaming could surpass DeFi and many other use cases for blockchain technology in the near future as nearly everyone with a heartbeat plays games of one kind or another.

How Gaming is Shifting Towards Decentralization and Community

The emergence of blockchain gaming can present a major shift away from the traditional models of game development that the gaming industry currently relies on. First of all, blockchain games are built on decentralized networks that fundamentally change the way games can be approached as vehicles for locking in value.

Games developed in the past, even games played over the internet, depended heavily on centralized servers and centralized computing power in order for games to be playable. If users won prizes in a game, those prizes remained stuck in the game forever.

The decentralization of information on blockchains makes the technology behind NFTs possible, and the value players earn through gaming can be transferred from a game’s NFTs into monetary gains in the free market. Decentralization means that more people at the core of a community can share in the profit potential of gaming rather than just the publishers of the game.

As for the traditional development and production of video games, this centralized process that benefits the few sitting at the top of a corporate hierarchy is something no longer necessary and can be avoided with ease. The way games are developed and deployed no longer needs to rely on a centralized supply chain, thanks to blockchain technology.

Where GameStation Fits Into the Bigger Picture for Gaming

GameStation decentralizes the power structure of game development and empowers developers and gamers with the tools and resources necessary for developing the next generation of P2E gaming on the blockchain. Through GameStation, gamers can work with developers to help steward game production towards better gameplay and better revenues towards themselves.

Through GameStation’s game lab and launchpad, developers no longer need to give up the rights to their ideas and creations, and a team of individuals from all over the world can work together to seek funding and build blockchain games that benefit its creators as well as adds value to the gaming community.

GameStop is giving players and developers a fairer chance of seeing fiscal returns from their pursuit of gaming through their platform. In accordance with this democratizing ethos in GameFi, GameStop is giving more users the opportunity to collect $GAMER tokens in three pre-sales distributed across multiple days and through multiple launchpads.

Information about each IDO can be found here (Equinox), here (MANTRA DAO), and here (GameFi).


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