Tiime Engine transports you to a mission-based environment to help you earn tokens 

Earning crypto tokens shouldn’t be boring or tedious; it should be a mix of excitement and challenge users can enjoy. 

This is the idea behind ‘Tiime Engine’, a platform that allows users to earn “Tiime Tokens” so they can have the opportunity to purchase exclusive NFTs, which can be profitable assets in the future. 

Ternoa, an NFT platform, spearheaded this project to provide NFT enthusiasts a chance to earn tokens in the most exciting way possible. 

It’s ‘Tiime’ to seize the opportunity  

To be able to earn as many tokens as possible, users need to log in every day at the Tiime Engine platform and accomplish the available missions of the day. 

An important reminder: Tiime Tokens aren’t made to be purchased. They can only be acquired by completing the missions inside the Tiime Engine Platform. 

In order to boost daily bonuses, users may simply follow the Tiime Engine platform’s official Twitter and Instagram accounts for the latest updates.

Reward yourself with a ‘Happy Tiime’

Once users have accumulated a large number of Tiime Tokens, they can look forward to the platform’s monthly event called “Happy Tiime.”

During this event, which only lasts for a few hours, Tiime Engine releases its digital assets on its Secret NFT platform. Users can then buy these NFTs using the Tiime Tokens they’ve accumulated for the whole month. 

But another important reminder that users need to know is that Tiime Tokens cannot be saved or hoarded for more than a month. At the end of each month, Tiime Engine will reset its systems which means that every unspent token would be deleted. 

That is why users should maximize their spending on each event to make sure that they can get the most out of their hard-earned Tiime Tokens and get the best digital assets for their NFT portfolio. 

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