Top 100 Fintech startups making a breakthrough in 2021

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Top 100 Fintech startups making a breakthrough in 2021

As we all use mobile banking and make transactions just a click these days, whether it be financial applications to calculate EMIs or insurances, things have become much easier. And all thanks to new fintech startups that have opened the doors for many significant changes in how payments are made. With new technologies coming to space, the fintech startups have been keen to leverage them.

The financial service industry now continues to attract tech companies that transform how people and businesses save, spend, borrow and invest and this is also attracting funding that can be helped in the growth of the companies. As more and more companies pour into the fintech space, it can be tough to sift through them and identify the major players.

The explosion of fintech startups is quite surprising. Most financial institutions such as banks have made tech-driven changes. The market has been witnessing a great shift from digital loans and mobile stock services to eCommerce payment platforms and digital modes of currency exchanges that are rooted in digital financial access.

Fintech is not only about finances now but it also involves several industries and sectors such as education, fundraising, investment management, retail banking, and nonprofit services. It also includes the developments and progress in the crypto market. To give you a wide array of fintech startups and their services, Analytics Insight has listed the top 100 fintech startup companies that are driving the next-generation financial industry.

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