Ukraine Crisis: OnlyFans Donates 500 ETH to UkraineDAO

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  • OnlyFans, an online subscription platform donated $1.3 million in ETH to Ukraine.
  • The platform donated the amount to DAO of Ukraine.
  • Earlier it had donated $6.1 million by selling NFTs.

The Russia-Ukraine crisis drew a huge inflow of crypto donations. Many companies and cryptocurrencies have extended their hands of support to Ukraine, by contributing a significant amount of cryptocurrencies.

To add, a popular video subscription platform — Only Fans — donated 500 ETH which nearly equals $1.3 million. The platform donated this amount to Ukraine’s Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

OnlyFans CEO Ami Gan talked about the consequences of the war and the impact it had on the   people of Ukraine and the OnlyFans creator community in Ukraine. She further added:

Given our strong personal ties to Ukraine, we wanted to support in a way which felt true to who we are at OnlyFans and which focused on getting aid and support to the Ukrainian people.

According to various media sources, OnlyFans said that the donation is a part of the company’s charitable effort to help Ukraine. This effort is being led by Leonid Radvinsky, the owner of the OnlyFans Ukraine-America branch.

The company said that it has sent nearly $5 million for various humanitarian efforts in Ukraine, where an additional $1 million will be donated on March 15.

The DAO was formed by the Russian art collective Pussy Riot and NFT studio Trippy Labs.

Recently, Ukraine DAO has raised funds by NFT sale to help the Ukraine government. It crowdfunded 2,188 ETH worth $6.1 million.

Since the war hit Ukraine, BTC, ETH, and other crypto donations have poured in high amounts to the government and NGOs in Ukraine. As of recent reports, $100 million is reported to have been donated for the need.

Launched in 2016, OnlyFans is an online content subscription service in London. The platform allows users to get content from it and content creators can earn money from the users who subscribe to their content.

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