Unauthorized Third Party Accessed an Employee’s Computer: Sandbox

Unauthorized Third Party Accessed an Employee’s Computer: Sandbox

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  1. The Computer of one employee was the one the third party had accessed.
  2. Personal information kept on the Computer could be accessed.
  3. Users are advised not to click on any hyperlinks.

According to a recent report, on February 26, 2023, SandBox became aware that an unauthorized third party had acquired access to an employee’s Computer. Due to the ability to access multiple email addresses, the third party sent emails to them pretending to be from The Sandbox. 

Notably, the email contained links to malicious content that could be used to remotely install malware on a user’s computer, giving that virus control over the Computer and access to the user’s data. A single employee’s Computer was the only one to which the third party had access, and malware gained entry. 

The SandBox team believes the third party could not use additional Sandbox services or accounts. However, further personal information kept on the Computer could be accessed if the recipient followed a link in the email and malware was installed.

In addition, The Sandbox immediately informed the known recipients of the fake email that access had been gained without authorization and asked them not to open, play, or download anything from the hyperlinked website. 

However, SandBox continues to monitor the issue with its staff and improve the associated security procedures. The team at SandBox is actively striving to maintain the security of the user data that they have entrusted to The Sandbox.

To keep their accounts as secure as possible, the team strongly advises all users to use two-factor authentication and create strong passwords. Additionally, users are advised not to click on hyperlinks in the emails they believe to be fraudulent. 

Furthermore, users are advised to install and run a reliable antivirus program to find and eliminate any malware as quickly as possible. Finally, individuals who feel their Computer has been infected with malware should speak with an IT expert and consider reformatting it.

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