Unbrickable Remote Firmware Updates for Highly Secure MCUs with Twilio and ST

Unbrickable Remote Firmware Updates for Highly Secure MCUs with Twilio and ST

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Embedded software development for connected devices is stuck in the past: bound to implement Waterfall, barred from embracing Agile, as hardware and firmware are considered co-dependent, and manufacturing is considered the final stage. While remote over-the-air firmware updates are possible, they are mostly used to fix bugs or patch security holes, not to improve an existing product over time. The result? Release cycles for product innovation are long or non-existent, troubleshooting is costly, progress in IoT overall is slow – and customers are unhappy. It’s time for a new approach. 

Twilio IoT and ST have partnered to bring 3 key ingredients to market that solve for the lack of confidence and trust in reliably connected devices:

  1. Unbrickable over-the-air firmware updates
  2. A reference security implementation built on top of the must-have feature of Secure Boot
  3. Secure remote live debugging – log into a device and inspect/debug the code live as it gets executed in the field

This is made possible with a new IoT architecture called microvisor. Join the people behind this innovation as they walk you through the microvisor architecture and its key capabilities. Learn about the first large-scale implementation with Twilio Microvisor, on the STM32U585 MCU.

Nucleo Dev Board (Microvisor Reference Design)

This webinar will cover how to:

  • Understand the microvisor reference architecture for modern IoT infrastructure
  • Learn about building for IoT on the STM32U5 Series, built on Arm’s TrustZone and ST’s low-power and high security microcontroller family
  • See a live debugging session followed by an unbrickable over the air remote firmware update in action

Viewers of the webinar are invited to join the Microvisor Beta Program and get access to a limited set of development boards.

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