Valorant Agent 23 Release date, trailer, abilities and more

Valorant Agent 23 Release date, trailer, abilities and more

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A new agent is coming to Valorant, and it will probably become one of the best agents in the game, in no time.

Agent 23 will be the second of three Valorant agents to be released in 2023. Unfortunately, there still isn’t a lot of information about the new character. However, we already know his role, and have a good idea of the date of his release.

Riot Games developers also shared some additional information about the agent in the latest Dev Diary. With a teaser for the agent being released.

So, let’s find out everything about Valorant Agent 23.

Release date

As of right now, there still isn’t an official release date for Agent 23.

However, when we take a look at the release date of previous agents, we get a pretty good idea of when that might happen.

Previous agents such as Fade, Harbor, or Gekko were always revealed at the grand final of international events. Since VCT Master’s Tokyo is in progress, we can expect Agent 23 to be announced after the event’s grand final.

Valorant Agent 23 Teaser

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Here is the only teaser of Valorant Agent 23.

The character should hit the game a couple of days later. So, expect Agent 23 to arrive at Valorant around the release of ACT 7.

Agent 23 Abilities

The abilities of Agent 23 haven’t been announced yet. But we already know his role, with Agent 23 being a Sentinel.

Valorant developers have also talked a little bit about the agent. They teased about what some of his abilities might do, and how they can impact the game.

Anna Donlon, Valorant executive director, said the following about Agent 23:

A sentinel who will stop you dead in your tracks and pull you in for a closer look

The speculation among fans is already running wild. Some have said that his kit is going to be able to hack enemy utility. That would be game-changing, but for now, those are only rumours.


The Agent 23 trailer still hasn’t come out, but we expect it to be released after the grand final of VCT Master’s Tokyo.

Once the trailer is released, we will add it to this article.

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