VCT: APAC Qualifier to start, Global Esports in contention

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The Last Chance Qualifier of the Valorant Champions Tour circuit in the Asia-Pacific region is all set to begin from October 11 with a total of eight teams in contention towards the lone spot at the Valorant Champions event, to be held later this year in Berlin. 

The LCQ is an invite-only tournament where the participants are determined based on their circuit points on the VCT Leaderboard. Crazy Raccoon, X10 Esports and Team Secret have already punched their ticket to the Champions event in Berlin alongside Team Secret(initially BREN Esports)who made it through to the marquee event of the game on the basis of their circuit points standings. We would now see Paper Rex and Global Esports join the rest eight teams to contest for the final passage towards the Champions.

Earlier in September, ZETA Division along with other Chinese teams decided to pull out from the tournament citing logistical issues as the slots were redistributed among the Korean and Japanese regions, paving the way for the teams who held the most circuit points and didn’t qualify. In addition, team ZETA Division was also replaced by the next immediate member on the circuit points leaderboard.

The current LCQ team allocations are as follows in wake of the above changes post the Stage 3 Masters in Berlin:

  • SEA : 3 Teams
  • Japan : 3 Teams
  • Korea : 3 Teams
  • South Asia (India, Pakistan & Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka & Maldives, Nepal & Bhutan): 1 Team

In less than an hour, 10 teams will battle out the LCQ to clinch the lone spot at the Champions. Below attached is the list of the teams along with their qualification details.

Teams Qualification Factors  Trivia 
Global Esports Qualified for the LCQ from Valorant Conquerors Championship The Bhavin “HellrangeR” Kotwani led side became the first-ever team to represent India at a VCT event following their victory over Team Velocity in the Grand Finale of the Valorant Conquerors Championship.

2. Ex-Cloud9 Blue member Josh “shinobi” Abastado to coach Global Esports

Paper Rex SEA Circuit Points #3
FULL SENSE SEA Circuit Points #4
BOOM Esports SEA Circuit Points #5
REJECT Japan Circuit Points #3
Northeption Japan Circuit Points #4 Northeption replaced ZETA Division.  
FENNEL Japan Circuit Points #5  Team FENNEL were awarded the one among the slots left vacant by China. 
NUTURN Gaming Korea Circuit Points #2
F4Q Korea Circuit Points #3
DAMWON Gaming Korea Circuit Points #4 Same fate as FENNEL, one among the Chinese vacated slots went to DAMWON in the KR Region.  

The APAC LCQ will feature a double-elimination bracket as the match-ups had already been determined by the event organizers and are as follows:

Round of 10 (11th October 2021)

  • BOOM Esports vs FENNEL: 12:30 PM IST
  • Global Esports vs DAMWON Gaming: 15:30 PM IST

Upper Bracket Quarterfinals (12th October 2021)

  • F4Q Vs Northeption : 12:30 PM IST
  • NUTURN Gaming Vs Winner of BOOM Esports / FENNEL : 15:30 PM IST
  • FULL SENSE Vs Reject : 18:30 PM IST
  • Paper Rex Vs Winner of Global Esports / DAMWON Gaming : 18:30 PM IST
  • F4Q Vs Northeption : 12:30 PM IST

All games will be Best of 3 series except the Grand Finale (Best of 5).

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