Warlander brings epic, free-to-play 100-player battles to Xbox and PlayStation | TheXboxHub

Warlander brings epic, free-to-play 100-player battles to Xbox and PlayStation | TheXboxHub

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Warlander promises free-to-play, epic 100 player battles

Well, well, well Warlander – battles with up to 100 players? Free to play? Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 compatible? Mighty impressive!

For fans of MMOs, RPGs and hack-n-slash titles, or those simply interested in more medieval combat that the likes of Chivalry 2 offers up, then Warlander will certainly appeal. Yes, you read that correctly – with the game now on Xbox, PlayStation and PC, even more gamers can enjoy 100-player wars being waged across this medieval fantasy world. They can do it all for free too.

The base loop of Warlander’s gameplay will see you and many others duke it out in third-person combat, with the main goal to invade enemy strongholds, and destroy their Core, at which point you and your team will be crowned victorious. Those familiar with the foundations of League of Legends will feel immediately at home, however I’m sure it will take others some time before they are truly comfortable with this in-depth, complex strategy title.

Add into the mix an array of siege weapons, magical abilities, and even the shear might that huge attack robots bring, and soon enough your screen will be lit up with all manner of colourful attacks. Whether you fit into the warrior, mage or cleric role, there will be a set of abilities that perfectly fits your playstyle in intricate combat. 

In celebration of the console launch of Warlander (the game has been available on PC through Steam since January of this year), developers Toylogic have crafted two new maps – Dawn Bridge B and Moonlit Temple – to engage in gentlemanly combat on, as well as two new skills to decimate any foes with – the cleric’s Divine Hammer, and the mage’s ultimate skill, Phoenix.

With over 400,000 battles already being played out on Steam alone, and with the commencement of Season One today, there is no better time to check out Warlander – it is free, after all!

The key game features include:

  • Innovative Genre Hybrid – Combining elements of MOBA, RPG and Hack & Slash, Warlander offers an action-packed battle experience you haven’t seen before. Compete with up to 100 players in a stylish medieval fantasy world, marked by war over magical entities, known as Cores. Capture towers for faster redeployment and awaken cataclysmic idols such as scale meteors, storms and battle robots to turn the tides of war in your favor.
  • Multi-layered Gameplay – Control tactical choke points, destroy the enemy’s defenses and build mighty siege weapons. A true Warlander maneuvers skillfully across the battlefield and works in unison with their squad to outsmart and overpower any resistance. A deep combat system turns every encounter into a battle of wits. Make use of blocks, guard breaks, parry counters, critical strikes and combo attacks at the right time to overcome any opponent.
  • Action Driven Tactics – Your chances of victory greatly depend on how well you perform as a team. Vote on your preferred strategy before each battle and join a squad, each with its own mission. Defense squads protect your castle, build anti-siege weaponry and pay close attention to enemy positions and movement – dealing with each timely and appropriately. Assault squads are all about infiltrating enemy castles. Find a way through your foes’ defenses and destroy the enemy Core. As part of the Special Ops squad, you continuously analyze the state of battle and react flexibly to new threats and opportunities.
  • Power to play your way – You are an immortal champion fighting under your Warlord’s banner for control over magical lands and powers. For each battle, you have the ability to inhabit one of up to five different vessels of your design both in appearance and battle skills, otherwise known as your deck. Each deck is different and unique. Build your decks according to your personal strategy and pick the one that best suits your army before the start of each battle. Your successes on the battlefield will not go unnoticed and each display of valor is rewarded. Gaining new valor titles allows you to use better armor, weapons, skills, and talents and diversify your unique selection of decks.

You can download Warlander now on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC – check out the Xbox Store today. You cannot play Warlander on Xbox One though.

We’ll run review very soon but for now we’ve got Warlander included in our list of the most exciting games to launch on Xbox this week.

If you’re taken by what you find, then there are also a host of Goldings packs available. These range from 500 Goldings for £4.49, right up to a cool 11000 Goldings for £78.49. Let us know in the comments if you decide to grab any paid pack. 

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Game Description:

Sharpen your blades and ready your warhammers. Join an army of up to 100 players and battle each other in action-packed, player vs. player skirmishes and epic castle sieges with the ultimate goal of breaking into the enemy’s stronghold, destroying their Core, and claiming victory for you and your allies!

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