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Wednesday #CircuitPython2022 Updates

2022 with Blinka as the zero

A few more folks have written in to give us their thoughts about CircuitPython in 2022. Thank you both!

mlewus posted on the forum:

I would like limited multicore access to the second core from circuitpython on the RP2040. It’s okay if that access is just to C/C++ code running on the second core with Circuitpython running on the first core. I’d like some means to pass variables back and forth. Could be a mailbox, queue, shared memory, or whatever is currently supported by the RP2040’s C API. The communication does not need to be real-time, 1ms would be fast enough for me, though real-time locks as supported by Micropython would be great. #CircuitPython2022

JohnHind also posted to the forum. Here is the opening paragraph:

I think it would be a good idea to generalize the event system used by the keypad library so it and other core modules would be able to deliver events in a common queue. Events would be objects of a specific class for the event type deriving from an Event base class in the same way that specific exceptions derive from Exception.

#CircuitPython2022 is our annual reflection on the state of CircuitPython. We’d love to hear from you too! See the kick-off post for all of the details. Here are the previous posts:


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