What is Stoned Ape Crew? PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

What is Stoned Ape Crew?

Stoned Ape Crew is a Solana-based weed-themed NFT collection composed of 4200 apes with valuable utilities to offer holders.  

Weed fanatics might not yet get the level of representation and acceptance they want from society on a global scale, but a presence in a fast-expanding industry might be a good start. In line with this, a team of weed believers has launched a non-fungible token (NFT) collection that aims to be a virtual haven for weed lovers and evolve as a powerful brand in the future. 

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Stoned Ape Crew or SAC came from the creative ideas of the iconic artist ‘@stone0015’, which evolved into a continuously expanding universe of NFT apes. The team’s long-term goal for SAC is to become not just an NFT collection but a lifestyle brand that caters to weed fans all over the world. 

What is Stoned Ape Crew? 

Stoned Ape Crew is a Solana-based weed-themed collection composed of 4200 apes with valuable utilities to offer holders.  

What is Stoned Ape Crew? PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

These apes can acquire one of the primary roles in the platform: ‘Businessman,’ ‘Scientist,’ ‘Artist,’ and ‘Farmer,’ which will enable holders to earn more tokens. 

Apes without any roles yet are called ‘Chimpions’, which can evolve into one of the mentioned roles above. 

PUFF Token 

PUFF Token is the platform’s multi-utility token, allowing holders to earn passive income, acquire new breeds of NFTs, and level up their ‘Chimpions.’ 

Stoned Apes combines the elements of ‘game theory’ and the ‘intelligent’ burning mechanism to increase the PUFF token’s value. 

Buy Weeds and Merch with PUFF 

PUFF token is designed to facilitate virtual transactions and real-life purchases, especially cannabis-related products. 

The Stoned Ape team has already collaborated with various U.S weed dispensaries to allow ape holders to buy weeds with PUFF or get discounts from weed purchases. 

It has also struck a collaboration with True North Labs, one of Europe’s largest medical cannabis manufacturers, adding more partnerships under its belt. 

The team aims to expand on other cannabis physical and online stores, not only in the U.S. but also in other countries. 

It will also roll out Stoned Apes merchandise, including weed accessories, hoodies, apparel, and other exciting products very soon. 

PUFF Burning Mechanisms 

The Stoned Ape team has created interesting burning mechanisms to keep the Ape’s economy stable and protect the community for the long term. 

Retreat, which will be discussed in detail later, is a burning mechanism that also helps Chimpions acquire major roles in the platform, making them more valuable assets.

  • Side Collections

Side Collections, which can provide additional income for holders because of their resale value, can be acquired by paying PUFF tokens. 

Nuked Apes 

Nuked Apes can be acquired by combining 2 Stoned Apes with different roles and paying a fee of 1780 PUFF. 

Getting Nuked Apes will be harder and more costly over time because PUFF fees will increase continuously. 

This new breed of Apes will be brought into a 3-day rescue mission where a team will be given a special NFT to fulfil the challenge. 

NFT Utilities 


When minting an ape, he can have one of the major roles mentioned earlier, or he can simply be a Chimpion. 

There is a 50% chance that an ape can have a role or be a Chimpion since the team designed a system that evenly distributes roles to all minters. 

If ever an ape just became a Chimpion, he can still have a chance to evolve and have a major role by going through a ‘retreat.’ 

Holders can either stake an ape with a role or a Chimpion; the former can earn 30 PUFF per day while the latter can provide 15 PUFF every day. 


Chimpions will get a normal number of daily tokens, while staked Apes with major roles will have double token rewards. Staking can be done on the Stoned Ape website’s staking section

What is Stoned Ape Crew? PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.

Retreat (Evolution) 

Chimpions can still evolve and catch up with the other elite monkeys through a process called ‘retreat,’.

Take note of the word ‘chance’ because even though retreats have a chance of equipping apes with roles, the chances aren’t still 100% 

Ape holders have two options for bringing their apes into evolution: the first is the normal Retreat, and the second is the special Retreat. 

What is Stoned Ape Crew? PlatoAiStream PlatoAiStream. Data Intelligence. Vertical Search. Ai.
What is Stoned Ape Crew?

For a normal retreat, holders must stake 333 PUFF tokens, and the process will bring Apes into a 3-day retreat, with a 60% chance of equipping them with a role. 

For a special retreat, holders must stake 666 PUFF tokens, also with the same 3-day retreat, but provides 80% chances of equipping Chimpions with roles. 

OG Roles 

Collectors who wish to have an OG role but weren’t able to support the collection in its early stages can still have the sought-after role. 

The team has opened this opportunity for non-early supporters, and by being active members of the community, people can have a chance to enjoy the exclusive privileges of being an OG. 


Culture and Space-Themed Collection 

Soon, Stoned Apes will also represent different nationalities worldwide, which aims to show the collection’s appreciation of diversity. 

What’s more, this upcoming collection will come in GIFs, which means they will be released as animated NFTs! Indonesian and Arab-themed apes are just some of the new NFTs that the team plans to release. 

The team will also release a space-themed ape collection giving holders additional options for new and valuable assets. 

Drops for Apes with Special Roles 

Another benefit of having Stoned Apes with special roles is that they will have their own exclusive drops in the platform. 

This privilege is another reason why holders should work harder to upgrade their Chimpions to increase their PUFF earnings and get access to special benefits. 


StonedDAO is Stoned Ape’s decentralized autonomous organization, which gives community members a chance to send proposals and vote for their preferred projects. 

The team plans to allocate more funds in its DAO to fund more promising projects in the future. 

Here are the current project proposals being considered by the team: 

  • From Business Apes holders

Purchase more Business Apes and use profits for the platform’s liquidity pool 

  • From Farming Apes holders 

Collaborate with more weed growers and dispensaries. 

  • From Artist Ape holders 

Provide support on 1/1 artists and collaborate with more artists, including musicians and DJs. 

  • From Scientist Ape holders 

Purchase more Chimpions and send them on the ‘Retreat’ process for a higher chance of acquiring advanced apes and more PUFF tokens.

The community’s collective effort and the team’s ready funds will certainly make a big and positive impact on the long-term sustainability of the platform.

Affiliate Program 

The Stoned Ape team is planning an affiliate program to help more weed lovers get into NFTs and expand the brand globally.  

The program plans to reward everyone who can help the team collaborate with different dispensaries and coffee shops and integrate its PUFF and Ape digital assets. 

While there is no official word yet from the team about the rollout of this program, it is an exciting service that will surely benefit weed fanatics all over the world. 


Stoned Ape’s concept is exciting since it caters to marijuana enthusiasts, but its expansion in the real world might be halted by the weed restrictions in many countries. Since virtual and IRL success are highly connected with each other, the said limitations might affect its rise and even its near-future plans. However, the world is increasingly becoming aware of the benefits of medical marijuana, as well as the minimal side effects of its usage.

The Stoned Ape team just might help the history of pot unfold through its decentralized movement and strong community.

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