What Is The Next Big Meme Coin? Feat. ButtChain, Toshi & More!

What Is The Next Big Meme Coin? Feat. ButtChain, Toshi & More!

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In the dynamic and rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies, meme coins have carved out a unique niche. Iconic tokens have not only achieved household name status but have also demonstrated the explosive abilities of some meme coins to deliver massive gains within short periods. The next big meme coins could be game changers in crypto, thanks to their ability to capture public imagination and drive substantial trading volumes. As such, many are looking to identify the top meme coins that could boom and become the next big meme coin.

This extensively researched article delves into the top meme coins of 2024—ButtChain, Toshi, Dog go to the moon, Brett, and Andy. Each of these coins brings something unique to the table, and understanding their features can provide valuable insights into whether or not they could be the next big meme coin.

A Quick Look at Top Meme Coins – Which Could be the Next Big Meme Coin?

  • ButtChain introduces innovative features like auto-liquidity and a unique referral program all the while captivating crypto fans with its humorous appeal.
  • Toshi operates on the Base blockchain with renounced contract ownership.
  • DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON engages users with fun methods and a unique Runes protocol.
  • Brett stands out with no presale or taxes, building trust within its community.
  • Andy leverages airdrops to increase token awareness and community engagement.

5 Top Meme Coins that Could Boom – What is the Next Big Meme Coin?

  • ButtChain (BUTT)

ButtChain isn’t your average meme coin. It stands out from the crowd with cutting-edge features designed to supercharge your experience.

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Beyond its hilarious branding, ButtChain shines as the world’s first auto liquidity meme coin on Polygon:

Auto Liquidity: From the get-go, their innovative Auto Liquidity feature allocates 20% of presale funds, ensuring smooth trading right after launch. No more waiting!

Liquidity Farming: Every transaction fuels the project with a 5% fee. This goes towards three key areas: liquidity, token burning, and rewarding creators. This feature is very clever as it creates scarcity whereby there are fewer total tokens with each transaction.

Already captivated? Well there’s even more!

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Share & Earn Referral Program: ButtChain’s rewarding Share and Earn Program incentivizes community building. You can earn a sweet 20% referral bonus in MATIC during the presale simply for sharing the project with friends. Has earning crypto ever been this easy?

Daily Price Increase: During the presale, the price of ButtChain increases daily. This system benefits those who buy the project early with lower prices. 

This combination of innovative features and fun makes ButtChain a compelling option in the meme coin world. What are you waiting for? Visit the official ButtChain website to get your tokens today!

  • Toshi (TOSHI)

Toshi is another new meme coin generating considerable attention. It operates on the Base blockchain, a new Ethereum Layer 2 solution developed by Coinbase. Toshi renounces contract ownership, enhancing security and transparency by ensuring the creator cannot alter the contract.


Launched on April 24, 2024, DOG•GO•TO•THE•MOON is a meme coin that uses the Runes protocol. Its initial distribution saw 100 billion DOG tokens airdropped to over 75,000 holders of Runestone Ordinal NFTs.

  • Brett (BRETT)

Brett’s the new meme coin on the block, making waves on the Base Chain alongside his buddy Pepe. With the Base Chain ecosystem taking off, Brett is poised for a wild ride – think of it as Pepe with a shiny new rocket strapped to his back.

  • Andy (ANDY)

Andy is known for its airdrops, which serve as a marketing strategy to distribute free tokens within the cryptocurrency community. These airdrops coincide with new project launches or promotional activities, helping to increase awareness and distribution.

Wrap-Up: The Top Meme Coins of 2024 – What is the Next Big Meme Coin?

To wrap up this well-researched article, ButtChain, Toshi, Dog go to the moon, Brett, and Andy are the top meme coins of 2024. Each of these coins brings unique features and innovative approaches that could make them game changers in crypto. 

ButtChain’s innovative liquidity features and referral program, Toshi’s secured liquidity and NFT collection, DOG’s community engagement, Brett’s strong cultural symbolism, and Andy’s effective airdrop strategy all contribute to their popularity.

However, it is important to remember that all cryptocurrencies carry inherent risks and volatility. Keep in mind that this article is not financial advice, and users should conduct independent research and consider their own risk tolerance before engaging with these or any other cryptocurrencies. 

For interested cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts keen to learn more about ButtChain, including its exciting presale information and features, visit the official ButtChain website. Don’t miss out on the lowest presale prices today!

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