What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap

What’s new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap

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Season 2 of MW3 is almost upon us, and we have been given a sneak peek at what they have in store. The next season of Modern Warfare 3 looks to be packed with a huge assortment of new maps, cosmetics, weapons and more.

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Weapons + Gear

Tons of Guns is the name of the game for Season 2 of MW3. We get a nice spread of weapons too.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision
  • BP50 – All new Assualt Rifle with an excellent rate of fire, excelling at mid to long range. This is unlocked in sector B7 of the Season 2 Battle Pass in MW3.
  • RAM-9 – Adding to the already devastating Submachine Gun lineup, this gun sprays bullets like a fountain, but it has the fire rate and ammo reserves to do it. Unlocked in sector B6 of the battle pass.
  • SOA Subverter – Another addition to the Battle Rifles. This one boasts predictable recoil and a solid rate of fire. This is unlocked at a weekly challenge in Season 2 of MW3.
  • Soulrender – Perhaps the most exciting of the new lineups. Here, we have a one-handed sword that can be held in a guard stance and then unleashed for a lightning-quick and lethal attack. It is unlocked throughout the season, but Activision is staying quiet about just how it’ll be acquired.
  • Ninja Vest – For the silent killers among us. This vest provides silent melee and thrown weapons. Also, it provides bonus throwing knives and shurikens. Footstep sounds are also muted for added danger.


There are no holds barred with Season 2’s map release plans. Activision is bringing 4 new 6v6 maps, 2 new multiplayer map variants, and a whole new mar map to MW3.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision
  • Departures(6v6) -Think Terminal but bigger, and you have Departures.
  • Stash House(6v6) – Reminiscent of Nuketown. Small, tight, and furiously chaotic.
  • Vista(6v6) – Beautifully laid out in the mountains of Brazil. Here we have a three-lane, mid-sized, corridor-style map.
  • Das Haus(6v6) – This is the remastered map from the well-loved Vanguard game. It returns now to MW3 Season 2 in a new, better, upgraded form.
  • Airbourne(6v6) – Foul growths and hordes of plague insects fill Terminal to create a spooky and incredibly unhygienic map.
  • Skidgrow – Nature has retaken Skidrow, and the map is now filled with luscious vegetation.
  • Operation Tin Man(War) – Akin to the MW3 2011 Overwatch map, this familiar face returns with an overhaul to stage the large-scale war challenges. Bombs must be placed or defused as one team attempts to make their way through the towering building.

Game Modes

Season 2 of MW3 also promises to bring, as ever, a new selection of game modes to the table. Some of these are well-loved favourites with a little twist, and a few new ones too.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision
  • Team Gun Game – It’s the classic mode with a team-based twist. Score enough points as a team, and you all progress to the next gun.
  • Snipers Only – This couldn’t be clearer.
  • Hoardpoint – It’s Hardpoint, but when a point is being held, a portal opens and vomits zombies on the map. Expect a lot of kill streaks and the chance to get pack-a-punched weapons in this new MW3 game mode for Season 2.
  • Juggermosh – 3rd person moshpit style games with everyone suited up to the eyeballs in Juggernaught suits.
  • Bounty – Similar to Team Deathmatch but round-based and with a high-value target worth more points.

MW3 Season 2 Zombies

Of course, it isn’t all about the multiplayer mode for MW3 Season 2, as Zombies also get a bit of the action. New story missions, new schematics, and new enemies are populating the field, ready to eat your brains.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision
  • Story and Rifts – A whole new rift and a continuation to the Dark Aether storyline have been added in Season 2 of MW3 Zombies. It’s time to push you and your team to new limits against all new spooky enemies.
  • New Schematics – Three new schematics are added to the game. The first, Mags of Holding, allows ammo to feed directly from reserves. Second is the ability to summon the Blood Burner vehicle with its key. Lastly, there is the V-R11 Wonder Weapon schematic, allowing you to take this zombie killer in with you.
  • New Stronghold Boss – Keres is a chemical weapons specialist. Expect gasses and heavy resistance when you find her in the Killhouse at Orlov Military Base.

MW3 Warzone Season 2

A whole new map and gameplay features have given Resurgence a fresh coat of paint for season 2. Also, we finally get ranked play in Resurgence, which has been a long-awaited addition to the game.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision
  • New Map and Features – Fortunes Keep returns with an all-new look. Within the launch window of the new map, numerous new gameplay features are being added. Expect to see Zombies, time-based squad vs squad missions, power-ups, changeable terrain, and hidden Wonder Weapons.
  • Ranked Play – Finally, ranked play comes to Call of Duty MW3 Season 2. However, it is only going to be available with Resurgence, launching with the Fortunes Keep map. Work your way through the ranks to the coveted 250 leaderboard.

Cosmetics, aftermarket parts, and bundles

As always, Season 2 of MW3 will be chock full of great cosmetics and aftermarket parts to collect through the weekly challenges and season passes. Two of the highlights this season are Rick Grimes of Walking Dead fame and John Doe of anonymous-dead-man-in-the-UK fame. The two skins look fantastic and can be unlocked by simply buying the season pass for Rick or the Blackcell pass for John Doe.

What's new in MW3 Season 2? A Roadmap
Image: Activision

When it comes to aftermarket weapons, my favourite of the bunch has to be the chainsaw. Clipping a motorised tree-cutting tool to the bottom of an assault rifle can only result in fun.

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