Where to find and how to use beautiful flowers in Palworld

Where to find and how to use beautiful flowers in Palworld

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Palworld has a million little things that need collecting, storing, and then eventually using to construct. All over the map lie treasures to fill your backpack with. You may have found you need to collect some Beautiful Flowers in Palworld, but they’re rather hard to find.

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Where to find Beautiful Flowers in Palworld

The easiest place I have discovered to find Beautiful Flowers is any one of the three Wildlife Sanctuaries around the map. Beautiful Flowers can be picked up from these areas in Palworld, but it does come at a risk. By stepping foot in the Wildlife Sanctuaries, you’re committing a crime. Therefore, if you’re spotted, you will be wanted by the PDF.

Where to find and how to use beautiful flowers in Palworld
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The Wildlife Sanctuaries are located in the North East, West, and South West of the map. You can identify them by their round and spiky appearance.

If you’re not in the mood to trespass for the Beautiful Flowers in Palworld, look for Gumoss. This rare type of the common Pal has a red flower on its head. If you are able to kill or catch it, you’ll be awarded a Beautiful Flower. The rare Gumoss can be found in various areas in the centre of the map, not too far from the starting area. This method of finding the Beautiful Flowers in Palworld is slightly longer but much safer. Getting out to the Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld is a long and dangerous ordeal.

How to use the Beautiful Flower

The Beautiful Flowers are used to craft the Memory Wiping Medicine in Palworld. This medicine, crafted at the Electric Medicine Workbench, allows you to respec all your stats. However, it requires 99 Beautiful Flowers, 50 Pal Fluids, 50 Bones, and 50 Horns.

Beautiful Flowers Palworld
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Beautiful Flowers also crafts the Flower Bed, which improves the gathering efficiency of Pals in your base. Finally, the flowers also allow the building of the Wumpo Saddle, allowing you to ride this Pal in Palworld.

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