Wolf of Wall Street: Jordan Belfort Raises $422,000 for Charity via NFT Auction

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Wolf of Wall Street NFT News
  • Jordan Belfort is now part of the NFT influencers.
  • He has raised $422,000 for charity through an NFT auction.
  • Belfort will soon launch his NFT drop.

Popularly known as “The Wolf of Wall Street ” — Jordan Belfort has entered into the NFT bandwagon with immense excitement. Along with this, just after joining the non-fungible token space, Belfort has raised $422,000 mainly for charity via NFT auction.

With much enthusiasm, Belfort has solemnly pledged that he has come with full dedication and he is not ready to leave NFTs. In fact, this sounds good for the entire NFT community as such an iconic person joins the growing popularity of NFT. He bullishly said, “Wow! I love NFT Twitter!”.

Just recently, Belfort disclosed to his whopping 600K followers on the grounds that he bought CryptoPunk #6033 on the OpenSea marketplace. Citing from the report, by purchasing the NFT, Belfort spent not less than 102.49 Ethereum (ETH). In turn, when we converted the 102.49 ETH to US dollars, Belfort paid roughly $410,000 only on the NFT.

In the same breath, beginning this month, Belfort unveiled to the NFT community about his incoming NFT drop. Briefly, Belfort’s upcoming NFT feature’s artwork is inspired by “The Wolf of Wall Street Movie and his life.” For a successful release, Belfort mentioned that he is hard at work to “add utility for each holder” per each NFT making it a unique drop.

In contrast to Belfort, Disney is also doing its part in uplifting the NFT sector with a cluster of tokenized characters from popular movies and shows. 

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