Women Empowerment

Vasundhra Ladies Club

One person can make a difference, and everyone should try this at least once.It’s really great when you take-out time for others in today’s world, when you don’t even have time for yourself. Here’s a group of housewives “Vasundhra Ladies Club” who are working for women empowerment and empowering society. Suman Mishra, the president of Vasundhra Ladies Club along with the 125 other women as members are working together for uplifting the status of women in our society. The group has already organised more than 20 events where they have donated sewing machines to poor women so as to motivate them to work hard for themselves and to fight for their rights. It is one of the biggest group of housewives functioning in Rajasthan and is ranked 8th among the clubs in Rajasthan. The group has already adopted 10 schools. The club organises various events which helps women to earn and also donates revenue for other social cause.

This group makes women understand the fact that ‘people aren’t always going to be there for you, that is why they need to learn to handle out things on their own’. They have had helped various women who had the zeal inside them to achieve their dreams and today they are earning for their family and are independent too. They also organise an exhibition named “Sawan Mahotsav Exhibition” in which they display the various products those women had made; it’s just a gesture to motivate those women to be more hard working and dedicated towards their work. Timely appreciation and recognition is necessary to light up that spark inside them.They also celebrate “Women’s Day” with great zeal and enthusiasm, in which they give away prices to the women who have shown excellence in their field. Apart for working for the women, they also focus on the various social aspects.

They also provide various facilities to those 10 schools which they have adopted so that the students of government school should not feel left out from the rest of the students Each and every child has an equal right to get opportunities.They recently noticed that the children of the government school does not have a safe drinking water facility for the students, so these ladies took a step forward for providing the school with water coolers. The club has put up a project on Dreamwallets with a view that people will join hands together to help these people. At Dreamwallets, we believe in the dream of every individual and in associating with each of their campaigns, we support their endeavors to reach their goal. We request everyone to come and support Vasundhra Ladies Club campaign and help spread the word out. You can make a contribution of any amount you like and support the campaign. And, even if you’re unable to make a contribution, you can still help by raising awareness about this campaign. A small effort from each one of us can lead to a bigger change. And this change will surely lead to a better place for everyone, where there would be peace, equality and oneness among us.

Source: https://dreamwallets.com/blog/women-empowerment/

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