XRP Needed to Make $1M, $3M, $5M or $10M if XRP Recovers ATH at $3.3

XRP Needed to Make $1M, $3M, $5M or $10M if XRP Recovers ATH at $3.3

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XRP investors have continued to speculate the amount of tokens they would need to hold to sit on investments worth at least $1 million if XRP reclaims its all-time high (ATH) at $3.3.

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XRP hit the $3.3 all-time high in January 2018 after a year-long rally that began in February 2017. The asset immediately collapsed from the $3.3 high a month later, and has since remained below it.

The closest XRP got to reclaiming the ATH was in April 2021 when it soared to $1.96. However, amid the selling pressure induced by the SEC lawsuit, Ripple failed to even break $2. As the asset gains legal clarity, market watchers believe it could recover the $3.3 territory this market cycle.

Should this happen, some market participants wonder how much they would need to hit million dollar investments, as XRP currently trades for $0.6038. This article delves into the amount required to hit some of these levels.

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XRP Needed to Make $1M if XRP Reclaims ATH

To secure a $1 million investment when XRP reclaims the ATH of $3.3, an investor would need to hold approximately 302,114 XRP tokens. 

Acquiring these tokens at the current price of $0.6038 would amount to an investment of $182,416. Should the price indeed return to $3.3, this investment could potentially yield a return on investment (ROI) of $817,584.

XRP Needed to Make $3M if XRP Reclaims ATH

For a $3 million investment, an investor would require around 906,342 XRP tokens should XRP achieve the elusive $3.3 ATH. 

At the current price, obtaining these tokens would cost $547,248. A subsequent recovery to $3.3 could result in a substantial ROI, potentially amounting to $2,452,752.

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XRP Needed to Make $5M if XRP Reclaims ATH

To attain a $5 million investment upon XRP’s recovery to $3.3, an investor would need 1,510,570 XRP tokens. Acquiring these tokens at the current price would necessitate an investment of $912,081. A resurgence to $3.3 could potentially generate an ROI of $4,087,919.

XRP Needed to Make $10M if XRP Reclaims ATH

For those eyeing a $10 million investment, the required quantity of XRP tokens, after a triumphant return to the $3.3 ATH, would be around 3,021,140. 

Securing these tokens at the present price would require an investment of $1,824,162. If XRP ever hits $3.3, the recovery could pave the way for a substantial ROI, potentially reaching $8,175,838.

These estimates provide a look into the potential returns awaiting investors if XRP manages to recover its ATH at $3.3. However, it’s essential to note that the estimates should not serve as investment advice, as it remains unclear if XRP can reclaim the previous ATH.

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