Zen.com promises to level the playing field for SMEs accepting e-commerce payments

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The lowest fixed commissions on the market for processing transactions paid with Visa and Mastercard cards, Apple Pay and Google Pay are no longer reserved only for the elite few biggest sellers.

The new tariff model proposed by fintech ZEN.COM levels the market playing field, giving a multitude of e-commerce entrepreneurs the prospect of previously unavailable savings – and thus the opportunity for faster growth.

As part of their ZEN.COM subscription, merchants will benefit from unbeatably low, fixed commission rates on transactions paid for Mastercard and Visa (0.45% + 0.04 EUR), Apple Pay and Google Pay (also 0.45% + 0.04 EUR). All this for just €25 per month and with no commission on payments made by customers using the ZEN app, such as express payments via QR code or phone number. This offer is a market breakthrough.

Fintech that levels the playing field

On a daily basis, retailers try to make shopping easier for customers by adding their preferred payment methods to their stores. Each transaction comes with an additional cost, borne by the store to pay the operator’s fee for processing the payment. Until now, smaller retailers haven’t had the negotiating power to get preferred terms.

“All the owners of medium or larger e-shops had to pay a commission for payment processing, which was quite significant on an annual basis. No reasonable merchant can afford to give up the payment gateway and reduce customer comfort. We decided to meet the needs of merchants and reduce their costs to a minimum”, says Michał Bogusławski, Commercial Director at ZEN.COM.

The old realities are now a thing of the past. New subscription terms for payment gateway ZEN.COM, an international fintech with Polish roots, is an option for a whole host of medium and smaller merchants, making the playing field level. In this way ZEN.COM also gives medium and smaller companies, wishing to grow in locally and globally, a chance to accelerate their development.

“Our goal is to support e-tailers. We want to take their worries off their shoulders so that they could focus on the most important thing – running a business in extremely competitive market conditions. That’s why we consistently add new payment methods, offer unique features on the market, such as full chargebacks and favorable currency conversion terms. Now we are taking another step, leveling the market chances for smaller and medium-sized companies”, adds Michał Bogusławski.

ZEN.COM is changing market conditions at the best possible moment for sellers: in a moment Black Friday and then Christmas shopping peak. New ZEN.COM subscription rates, however, are not a temporary promotion for the period before Christmas – they will be valid for the whole period of the contract concluded with the fintech.

There is something else worth emphasizing: the saying that there is no rose without thorns does not apply to the new ZEN.COM offer. The existing benefits, to which the merchants cooperating with ZEN.COM have already become accustomed, remain unchanged.

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