Zenless Zone Zero: Potential release date, characters, gameplay, lore, and more

Zenless Zone Zero: Potential release date, characters, gameplay, lore, and more

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HoYoverse’s next project, Zenless Zone Zero, has been stirring up a storm since it was teased in May 2022. With stunning visuals, fast-paced action, and a vibrant cast of characters showcased in the trailers, players are eagerly awaiting its release, slated for later in 2024.

Similar to its beloved predecessors, Zenless Zone Zero promises a free-to-play action RPG experience with HoYoverse’s signature gacha mechanics and unique character designs. From bubblegum-haired delinquents to gun-toting math whiz bears, each personality promises to inject a unique brand of chaos into this thrilling adventure!

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The story takes place in a city called New Eridu, which coexists with perilous alternate dimensions called “Hollows”. Its captivating setting and unique combat mechanics sets it apart from other HoYoverse games! Without further ado, let’s dive right into everything we know about Zen Zenless Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero speculated release date

HoYoverse confirmed a 2024 release date during The Game Awards 2023, and we expect it to arrive towards the end of the year.


Zenless Zone Zero will be available for free on PC and Mac through HoYoverse’s in-game client. Additionally, the Tokyo Game Show 2023 special program confirmed mobile versions for iOS and Android, and the recent PlayStation State of Play livestream announced that a PlayStation 5 version is currently in development.

A screenshot from the "Zenless Zone Zero Official Trailer | The Game Awards 2023" YouTube video.

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Credit: HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero characters and lore

In this post-apocalyptic world, players find refuge within the vibrant city of New Eridu. While arcades and ramen shops line the streets, danger lurks just beyond the city walls. Mysterious “Hollows,” described as abnormal spherical dimensions, appear at random, swallowing everything in their path and unleashing monstrous “Ethereals.”

These apocalyptic rifts have become commercialised and monetised, with corporations and factions battling for the valuable resources they contain, known as “Ether.” Players step into the shoes of a Proxy, which are small bunny-like robots, tasked with protecting survivors and gathering resources from within the Hollows.

A screenshot from the "Zenless Zone Zero Official Trailer | The Game Awards 2023" YouTube video.

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Credit: HoYoverse

Here are the five main factions that currently operate in Zenless Zone Zero’s New Eridu and their respective members:

  • Gentle House (Cunning Hares): A human resource dispatch agency specialising in commissions related to the mysterious Hollows
    • Nekomiya Mana, Billy Kid, Nicole Demara, Anby Demara
  • Section 6: A newly formed frontline unit within the H.A.N.D. Special Operations Department that usually carries out the most dangerous tasks and boasts some of the most powerful members of any faction
    • Hoshimi Miyabi, Soukaku
  • Belobog Heavy Industries: A newcomer to New Eridu, focusing on infrastructure and construction machinery
    • Grace Howard, Ben Bigger, Anton Ivanov, Koleda Belobog
  • Victoria Housekeeping Co: This established human resource dispatch agency offers a wide range of high-quality services
    • Ellen Joe, Alexandrina, Von Lycaon, Corin Wickes
  • OBOLS Squad: Soldier 11 is currently the only known member of this faction. Their purpose and affiliations remain shrouded in mystery.

Zenless Zone Zero gameplay and mechanics

In combat, players control three “Agents” but can only actively play as one at a time, switching between them strategically. True to HoYoverse’s style, gacha mechanics allow players to recruit new Agents to bolster their combat prowess. This system often involves grinding, so be prepared for a considerable time investment to acquire and level up your desired Agents and weapons.

Zenless Zone Zero official wallpaper.

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Credit: HoYoverse

Based on beta test information, the game features three core mechanics: hack-and-slash combat, TV traversal puzzle minigames, and city area exploration. Expect roguelike elements, exciting features like chain attacks, perfect dodges and parries, and powerful ultimates.

That was everything we know about Zenless Zone Zero, HoYoverse’s much-anticipated newest project. Stay tuned as we update this article with more information as it’s released!

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