5 Best CS:GO Music Kits in 2021: Prices and Other Details

CS:GO Music Kits might not be the most sought after in-game item that players are keen on purchasing, but they are still relevant and add positively to the game. Music Kits were introduced by Valve a couple of years after the game was released on 10 Oct 2014, allowing players to equip custom music for CS:GO. This in-game item includes music tracks from various artists and composers who create these custom pieces exclusively for CS:GO. The best part about Music Kits is that they are one of the few items in-game that are sharable with the entire team.

Over the years many great Music Kits have been released for CS:GO and it has become a bit difficult for users to decide which ones to purchase. As every music kit has its own segment for various actions like main menu, round start, won round, death camera, MVP, and more, keeping everything in mind including the price, here are 5 of the best CS:GO Music Kits to purchase in 2021.

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Best CS:GO Music Kits 2021

Similar to CS:GO weapon skins even the Music Kits are available in StatTrak and normal variants, where StatTrak allows users to keep a track of how many times a player has been declared as the MVP of a round. Earlier these variants of the CS:GO Music Kits were available through ‘Offer Coupons’, now they can be acquired through the ‘StatTrak Radicals Box’.

Apart from this, some other features like overall music composition, parts of the track used for various in-game segments, its price on the market, and overall popularity are some of the features that should be taken into consideration when selecting a CS:GO Music Kit.


This is another popular CS:GO Music Kit based on the popular track ‘I Am’ by AWOLNATION originally released by Red Bull Records. It was released by Valve for Counter-Strike on 24 Sep 2015 and is a perfect track for those players who are a fan of this rock band.

The I Am CS:GO Music Kit by AWOLNATION is currently available for $4.70 – $4.90 on the Steam Community Market. 


Hotline Miami – By Various Artists

One of the hottest CS:GO Music Kits which was released on 12 Feb 2015, still remains to be in high demand till this day. This music kit is based on the high-octane music kit ‘Hotline Miami’ and is a collection made by multiple artists. The game’s music collection was highly appreciated and made its way into CS:GO, where it went on to receive a lot of praise as well.

The Hotline Miami CS:GO Music Kit by Various Artists is currently available for $4.65 – $4.90 on the Steam Community Market.

Hotline Miami - The game on which the CS:GO Music Kit is basedHotline Miami – The game on which the CS:GO Music Kit is based

High Noon – By feed me

One of the older CS:GO Music Kits which is a part of this collection. High Noon was released on 10 Oct 2014, offering some really chill beats that one can groove on after being announced as the MVP of the round. It has an electronic vibe to it, as it has been composed by the renowned British DJ Jonathan Gooch, more commonly known by his stage names Feed Me.

The High Noon CS:GO Music Kit by Feed Me is currently available for $4.50 – $4.70 on the Steam Community Market.

High Noon by Feed MeHigh Noon by Feed Me

The Talos Principle – By Damjan Mravunac

Music Artist – Damjan Mravunac came forward with this masterpiece for CS:GO which was released on 12 Feb 2015. It has a lot of deep and heavy cinematic music sequences that teleport you off the map, every time you are announced as the MVP of the round. It will definitely make you feel like a war hero following your victory, such is the vibe of this incredible CS:GO Music Kit which continues to be one of the best in the game.

The Talos Principle CS:GO Music Kit by Damjan Mravunac is currently available for $4.90 – $5.10 on the Steam Community Market.

The Talos Principle CS:GO Music KitThe Talos Principle CS:GO Music Kit

EZ4ENCE – By The Verkkars

This is hands down one of the best and most viral CS:GO Music Kits of all time. It is based on the incredibly famous song ‘EZ4ENCE’ by ‘The Verkkars’, which was released on 3 March 2019 as a tribute to the Finnish esports organization ENCE.

The song came out at a time when ENCE was at its absolute peak having reached the grand finals of the IEM Katowice Major 2019. It was a dream run for the Finnish roster and this catchy theme song really caught the attention of the CS:GO community. It was officially released as a CS:GO Music Kit by Valve on 28 March.

The EZ4ENCE CS:GO Music Kit by The Verkkars is currently available for $5.15 – $5.30 on the Steam Community Market.

EZ4ENCE by The VerkkarsEZ4ENCE by The Verkkars

These are some of the best CS:GO Music Kits that are currently available in CS:GO. They can be purchased either though the CS:GO Community Market or through third party websites, the latter offering more favorable prices. Though music is subjective and every player might have their own taste, the above listed ones are some of the best that the community seems to enjoy at large and one of them might be just the perfect fit for you as well.

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