Apex Legends teases something ‘beyond battle royale’ in Season 9 Mirage lounges, singing, next to two other Mirage clones

Respawn has brought even more Titanfall 2 leads back into Apex Legends ahead of the game’s next season—though I’m afraid there’s still nary a Titan in sight.

The launch trailer for Apex Legends: Legacy (Respawn has dropped the Season number this time round) reintroduced us to Ash, a scary robot lass and one of the Apex Predator antagonists from 2016’s tremendous wallrunner. She’s been keeping an eye on the games—shown off in an explosive montage of gunfights, night clubs and shattered beers—before teasing the introduction of something “beyond battle royale”.

We don’t get much beyond the name “Arenas” in the trailer. Information scraped from dataminer shrugtal may provide a bit more insight, suggesting a 3v3 mode that’ll turn parts of Apex’s maps into tiny arenas that shrink further over time. The trailer’s montage of team vs team fights lends credence to smaller, tighter firefights, and I am keen on the idea of a mode that cuts straight into Apex’ tremendous shootouts.

We also get a very brief glimpse at Olympus’ new “Overgrown” variation, turning the pristine flying city into a snow-blasted wilderness. There’s also a good bit of new hero Valkyrie nipping about on her jetpack—though I don’t expect we’ll be jetting right out of the arena as shown here.

Respawn will give us a better picture of the new mode, new hero and reworked map in a gameplay reveal trailer next Monday, April 26th. Legacy itself is set to begin on May 4th.

Source: https://www.pcgamer.com/apex-legends-teases-something-beyond-battle-royale-in-season-9

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