Biomutant trailer shows the serene world you’ll explore when you’re not busy kicking ass Biomutant

Let’s set aside the chain combos, ground pounds, and aerial spin-n-shoot maneuvers for a bit. We’ve seen a bunch of that from Biomutant videos in the past, but a new trailer gives us a more serene look at Biomutant’s world without a shred of frenetic combat. And it’s strikingly beautiful.

The trailer is a lovely slice of life from the upcoming action-RPG, giving us a glimpse of beautifully bizarre landscapes and the busy little mutant inhabitants, who do things like chop firewood, work at food kiosks, and hammer hot metal at the blacksmith’s shop. We also get to see changing weather like a gentle snowfall, a pelting rainstorm, dusty winds, and green and purple haze.

What’s even more intriguing is all the various ways you’ll explore that surprisingly colorful post-apocalyptic world with your badass mutant, which include ziplines and tightropes, hang gliders and jetskis, robotic horses and leathery-winged bats, steampunk airships and helicopter backpacks, and even a hovering suitcase and mechanical wind-up hand. There seems to be no shortage of clever ways to get around.

After years in development and a delay from 2019, Biomutant is finally due out May 25. In the meantime, here’s everything else we know about it