Call of Duty: Warzone’s map just got nuked A mushroom cloud over Verdansk.

Call of Duty: Warzone’s long-awaited nuke event is underway. The Destruction of Verdansk event kicked off at 12 pm Pacific today with a massive 100-player survival mode against player-controlled zombies. The event culminates in a dramatic cutscene depicting the nuclear destruction of Verdansk,  but many frustrated players are currently staring at a server queue trying to see it for themselves.

As I write this, the game estimates I have a 20-minute wait to get in, but that number hasn’t budged since noon.

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And if you have gotten in, there’s a good chance the game will crash on you. In a recent tweet, developer Raven Software said it’s aware of the server issues with Destruction of Verdansk and is working toward a fix. A playlist update has gone out that should lessen the frequency of crashes once you’re in the game, but no word yet on when those of us stuck in a queue will get to witness the event for ourselves.

Which is kind of a problem, considering this event is only slated to last until 2 pm Pacific. At this rate, Activision will either need to reactivate the mode at a later time for folks that didn’t get in, or we’ll just have to watch a stream of it. Speaking of, CharlieIntel managed to finish the mode and shared a portion of the final nuke cutscene.

Our friends at GamesRadar managed to get into the event just fine after some initial hiccups, so it’s possible various regions are experiencing different levels of connection issues.

This is only part Part 1 of Verdansk’s destruction, so there’s probably more to come tonight and tomorrow before we can finally see the rumored new map.


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