CS:GO Pro EliGE Upset Over No Invitation to ‘VALORANT 10 Mans’ Discord Server

Team Liquid rifler Jonathan “EliGE” Jablonowski who is one of the best CS:GO players from North America was recently denied entry into a ‘Valorant 10 Mans’ discord server, specially created for professional Valorant players. Roy “StrongLegs” Ahad who is one of the server admins was partially responsible for not inviting EliGE to this server, which resulted in the Team Liquid rifler getting quite upset. As the drama unfolded online, multiple users came forward to give their opinion on the subject with professional Valorant players like Michael “dapr” Gulino and Melanie “meL” Capone, also getting involved. It is unclear if EliGE got an invitation to join the Valorant server later or not, but StrongLegs did end up stepping down from his position as the admin of the server following the online argument.

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EliGE gets upset over not receiving invite to Valorant server

‘Valorant 10 Mans’ Discord servers are premium community-run matchmaking service for those players that actually want to improve at the game. Over the last few months, as Valorant has grown ‘Valorant 10 Mans’ has been segregated into various different tiers based on the players rank, skill level, and accomplishments.

StrongLegs who is a retired CS:GO pro and current in-game leader of Renegades Valorant roster, is also one of the admins of ‘Valorant 10 Mans’ highest tier Discord server which is reserved for professional players. This server is quite the big deal as it is officially approved by the developer’s Riot Games themselves.

EliGE was apparently not invited to this particular Valorant server and it clearly upset the Team Liquid rifler, who in a response to a tweet by female Valorant pro meL said the following about StrongLegs,

“Well, he is being super cringe, power-tripping because he was the first one that rushed to admin a discord. Hopefully, he relaxes a bit.”

There was a rebuttal by StrongLegs where he argued that EliGE was excluded from the server simply because he does not compete professionally in Valorant, refuting the claim about him “power tripping” while requesting the CS:GO pro to “chill”.

This discussion was soon joined by dapr who questioned why the “Best NA CS:GO player cannot play in the 10 mans?” while telling StrongLegs to “Wake up and make these obvious exceptions”. Once again StrongLegs was ready with an answer, putting across 3 points which are highlighted in the image below,

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But even after putting across his side of the story and providing an explanation for his actions. The pressure he faced from the public was too much and this forced him to step back from his responsibilities as the admin of the ‘Valorant 10 Mans’ Discord server.

As for EliGE, it is still unclear if he has been granted an invitation to the server or is still being kept under consideration. The North American rifler has not put out an update around this situation, but many Valorant users came forward to support StrongLeg with his decision.

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