Here’s Why Titanfall Fans Are Stoked About Apex’s New Legend

Apex Legends’ latest Stories From The Outlands lore video confirmed that the next Legend heading into the arena is Kairi Imahara, also known by her callsign as Valkyrie. Fans of the Titanfall series are excited by this reveal, but for those unfamiliar with Valkyrie, here’s a full breakdown on what her past means, how it connects to the Titanfall universe, and what she might bring to Season 9 of Apex Legends.

In the cinematic “Northstar,” Valkyrie visits a deserted planet where she finds a mysterious Pilot’s helmet. Shortly afterward, it’s revealed that Valkyrie is the daughter of the infamous Pilot Viper from Titanfall 2. Not only was he a difficult boss fight, but he was also one of the few elite Pilots who managed to join Kuben Blisk’s mercenary faction, the Apex Predators. He also used a modified Northstar-class Titan, hence the name of the video. As ruthless as he was, however, this lore video actually offers the first look at Viper’s appearance as well as some information about his private life. We briefly see he and his family lived on a seemingly peaceful planet filled with lush green grass and beautiful skies.

So that’s what we know. Now, let’s get into some of the theories we have about the latest trailer, beginning with the location heavily featured throughout. Judging by the bright blue sky, saturated green grass, and overhead skirmish it’s very possible that Valkyrie and her family lived on the planet Typhon during the last major battle of the Frontier Wars. These wars were largely between the IMC and a civilian-led militia made up of those living on the outer planets. It also bears a striking resemblance to the landscape featured in Titanfall 2’s fight against Viper.

Not only was the setting for much of Titanfall 2’s campaign set on Typhon, the planet was also the location of the IMC’s Fold Weapon which ultimately imploded at the end of the story, destroying the planet in the process. We did catch a glimpse of Valkyrie and her mother leaving their home, so it’s possible they escaped before the planetary disaster. The IMC also tested the Fold Weapon on Typhon’s moon Orthros, which could be the shattered planet behind Valkyrie as she picks up her father’s helmet in the recent trailer.

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