MLB The Show 21 out now

Annual baseball game arrives on new consoles, and new generation

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Sony has announced that MLB The Show 21 is now available.

The long running baseball franchise makes its debut on the new console generation, as well as on the Xbox platform.

For the first time in MLB The Show, your Ballplayer can be a 2-way player – a hitter and a pitcher – which creates flexibility in player position options. There is a new player progression system that emphasizes adaptability and variety. Jump into gameplay action when your MLB team needs you the most – in critical moments and pressure-packed at bats. As you advance through the season, unique narrative commentary content will progressively and dynamically unfold the essential story of your chosen MLB club’s campaign.

Available on next gen consoles only, MLB The Show 21 gives you the ability to build and customize stadiums with more than 1,000 props ranging from foul poles, signs, buildings and much more.

MLB The Show 21 is out today for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

MLB The Show 21


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